Sunday, February 15, 2009


it was a magical moment, and i do believe it is absolute magical. wat had started three weeks ago finally comes to an end. i constantly wonder when we will reach the end of the line, will we make it? can we do this? please Allah, help us through this journey...

and today, is the day where we remark another memory inside our heart. and i am amazed on what seems to be impossible, now already done. thank you Allah for making it happened, for putting our heart together to finish this odyssey...

in another simple words, we finished painting!!! alhamdulillah, we did it! and the best part is we did it together. h2b and me, and of course with the help of others. but it was truly a magical moment for me, looking and sneaking at him working (then got shooed away to paint some other part so we could finish it quicker)

so many feeling to express, but il leave it privately, keep it to myself privately. (see, i could be a private person, i didnt write evrythg in here) but i am glad and happy that the work we started is completed. i'm giving h2b and i many2 pats on our backs, and pats for naim and adik too and evryone backs basically for doing a great job! so well done, hip hip hooray!

yes, i am going to post the end result, the masterpiece. but that's going to be later. so right now, i'm off to bed. i'm exhausted (and sakit blakang) and i'm butterflyin in me tummy thinkin of tomorrow, me 1st day. i hope it wont suck that much, it won't bad as much. i don't know what to expect, so wish me luck!

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