Wednesday, February 01, 2017


... for my parcel to arrive. i should get it by today. hopefully i get it today, or tomorrow is still okay. just want to start it by today to see the different. well, it's okay i can wait. just you know...  really looking forward for it, hence this post...

p/s... zairil starts his lesson today. ibu knows it's going to be tough, but we'll get the hang of it. you can do it zairil!!! aja aja fighting!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


... the cough and the cold... zairil is coughing so bad at night. last week it was zarif, till he gets antibiotic; only then zarif recovered. how i wish it was me who get the bugs and not the kids. get better zairil, and zarif too stay better.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gaining Back

... the lost kilos... every movements felt heavy due to the excess weight. i know i can get it off again, but now going through some turbulence and changes, made me want to eat more than ever. such emotional eater i am. hmmm... well, being fluffy (zairil's term for fat)  is great what?!! hahah... haishhh who am i kidding. fluffy means getting any jobs done is slightly tougher, due to the M (do know what i mean) so yeah, gain it all back. now time to loose it all again...

p/s: Also gain back the things that went missing, alhamdulillah. thanks kids for making ibu not pening anymore, just be extra careful with your belongings okay zairil, zarif. ibu trust both of you, and love you both mucho...

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Of course there are things that are expected to be missing along the way. Water bottle, pencil colors and a pair of sock up to this date. They know how upset I get for missing things, and I know they tried very hard to care for their belongings. If the things are found again, I'm glad. If not, let gone be bygone...

p/s: partially morning-off this morning... I'm hungry, what's for lunch?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Morning-Off Playing Mommy

So this morning, i let hp did all the preparation for zairil and zarif to school. Not easy as it look, isn't it? I just sat on the couch, doodling my phone while hp took care of the kids. It was one of the best mornings i have ever had (insert biggest smiley face) Just to let hp knows the behind-the-room-scene from waking the kids up till they get dressed and ready to have their breakfast outside. Hmmm...will tomorrow morning I get another morning-off again? Let's see, anyways... top of the morning to everyone, have a lovely day ahead!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What Dreams Are Made Of

It's been really long since last watched Lizzie McGuire; the TV show. Did a little Google and found out that the final episode is dated on February14, 2004. So it has been 10 years since the show is aired. That long ago? Really? this is one of the show that i watched after every one isin bed, since it is showed past midnight and it is on the channel 615.

Where the time flew? Nope, don't answer that. When the memories starting to flood in, that's how I knew where the time really flew. So this is what dreams are made of =)

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Sharing Is Caring


Loves to see that zairil can compromise and share his foods with his brother. Thank you zairil for being kind to adik =)


Always thoughtful to suap adik first before him

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Little Lil One


This is zarif, my little angel. He can be very vocal and totally loud, but I love him no matter what. Zarif, be nice to your ibu please...


Doing his thing

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mari Mengaji


Currently been teaching zairil to mengaji the muqaddam. A lot of obstacles in the way obviously, but zairil diligently tried to read as best as possible. Hopefully zairil will master his reading muqaddam soon enough. Way to go zairil =)


Adik tried to be in the video too


Not forgetting the breaks-in-between too

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where to begin?

Whenever I had to share something, or whenever I feel needed to talk to someone, the one that will lend me her ears is my net; my little sister of mine. Ever since we shared our room together, we will talk for hours every night, well mostly I will do the talking while I think she just doze off to sleep. There are many stories that we shared together; my hopes and dreams, my ups and downs, every time when I need to talk to someone, she will always there for me.

She is the second person that I break the news that I'm pregnant (both pregnancies) and the one that I tell when I'm in labor room. She is always this one person that could make me feel easy to talk to. Not forgetting how generous she is, buying things for her nephews too.

All i can say is, how much i missed the time we shared together in one room. Be it at gombak, at putrajaya or kakin punya bilik dekat uniten. Thank you for being a wonderful sister to me. I wish you all the happiness in the world and may Allah grant kak lin dengan fahmi with beautiful children and blessing always. Love you to bit net