Sunday, February 08, 2009

Good Job!!!

wow, im just wowed at our work!!! nicely done, alhamdulillah. im so glad dat we cud accomplish so much in this weekend. its an amazing and overwhelmed feeling looking at da end result!!! thanks h2b for making it happen. its like a new home already. i felt honoured seeing our home turn to beauty again =)

owh, da end pichas isnt available yet net. so il try taking pichas tomorro then bcoz today h2b really put a tight schedule. no more playing around; rest, break, pray all in one go. its like while praying, thats when i get to rest. other than dat, work work work. pergh, sound cruel enuf. nope, just me overexaggerate as usual. we do take frequent break, well i did take a lot of break. minumla, tgk blogla, while he's sweating from doing a lot of jobs! i mean wow, i cudnt work continuously for ten minutes, but he keeps going on and on. im so ashamed, i didnt have da same work ethic. i love to work n play. or more play than work. or do sumthg else rather than work or play...

wat im trying to say is, yay!!! im lovin da work we did today! thanks to Allah for giving us da opportunity to finish wat we've planned for today. ofcoz there's a few more area to cover, but we worrid bout it later. so tonight will be da nite dat im feeling so happy with our hardwork! im telling you, with da heat dat we had to work with, with da endless wall to cover, with all da stuff we had to put aside and then put it back where it suppose to be again, we shud charge tripple =p

so i wana stop writin b4 i bore you guy to sleep. im bout to sleep myself. all dis achin and painful muscle, hopely will go away tomorrow. better have a gudnite sleep tonite. have a wonderful dream tonite, sleep n sound evryone =)

h2b tgh membuang plaster2 yg sgt yugly itu. it may look easy, but darn its hard!!! sakit tgn nk mengetuk kluar plaster2 itu.

h2b again, so hardworking i must say. thank you for helping out. you're da best ever!!!

adik pun meminjamkn tangannya juga

naim siap pakai goggle lagi

nmpk mcm semangat kn naim buat keje. x smpi setengah jam, dah boring p wat mende lain. tp he's so sweet, buatkn air teh yg sedap for yesterday n today. thanks naim, nanti watkn kakin air teh tobeli lg ek.

so guess dis is all wat i come up with. mak ckp makcik kasma nk dtg esok, nk melawat abah yg demam. ya Allah ya Tuhanku, sembuhkanla demam abah, berikanla kesihatan yg baik buat mak dan abah, adik-beradikku, juga buat h2b serta rakan2ku yg lain. tabahkanla hati kami utk melalui hari2 yg akn datang. tetapkanla iman kami, peliharala kami agar sentiasa kuat utk berjuang ke arah-Mu, semoga jalan yg kami pilih tidak lari dari jalan yg benar. perkenankanla doa hambamu ini ya Allah...

take care evryone. assalamualaikum...

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