Monday, March 27, 2017

Ninja Cookie

The other night, Zarif and me watched Ben And Holly when this advertisement pop-up. Well, I thought this didn't interest Zarif, so I just skip the ads. Then of course Zarif cried a bucket asking for this video, so I asked him which one (I didn't pay attention to it, as I thought this is one of the grown-up commercial; non-kids related) He said "Video yang ninja cookie tu, nak watch video ninja cookie tadi" I'm like... hoih which one lah ni dik?!!! so I started to search any ninja cookie ads but to no luck, and Zarif kept crying for it.

Later, we found out that this is the one Zarif is looking for. Exactly what I'm going through and I can totally relate myself to this video; the frustration, the build-up anger, the amount of patience needed when my kids threw tantrums; it is exhausting. I felt all the energy for that day perished as the tantrum finally gave in.

There are days I felt like, I just wanted to bury myself underneath the comforter and lock myself in from facing my kids. I just can't take anymore fights, arguments, this and that from Zairil and Zarif, including thinking of sending them to Timbuktu boarding school. Then again, they are growing up; this is part and parcel from them growing up. So patience and more patience I must! haish...if only patience can be bought, so that I could stuff it in my mouth when needed (10 kilos of those please!!!)

So for now, if Zarif want the ninja cookie video, this video it is... (hmmm... mamee monster biskidz, macam mana boleh jadi ninja cookie ni dik?!!)

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