Sunday, February 15, 2009


Naim : rambut kakin kaler kuning, kalau byk lg boleh jadi blonde...

Kakin : ha ah, lawa x rambut kakin jadi blonde?

and then naim continue bercerita pasal blonde ape ntah. x concentrate sgt dgr apa yg naim ckp, tgh sebok mengecat. btw, ingtkn naim ckp pasal rambut kaler kuning sbb terkena cat, sekali tuh pasal ini rambut uban la naim. aper da naim, tp sweetla pulak. yes, ive gray hair/uban but i didnt pull it off bcoz i kinda like it. mcm natural highlight, so xyahla nk kaler2 rambut kn...

its sweet n funny kn if we take a look at kid's perspective. dats why i sometime agree with kids. well, we are kids once before right? so wat im trying to say is dat, just love me for who i am. no need to change a thing, even if i wanted to. and lets age gracefully =) with highlight on my hair or a blonde =p

thank you naim for da sort of compliment =D well, i took it as a compliment or like wise =)

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