Friday, February 26, 2010

~ Our Story ~ Muhammad Zairil Zahrin

Assalamualaikum and ola evryone =) hows evryone doin? evrythg good kan? in dis post, i wana write the chronicle of Zairil's birth. it is not the way ive expected it, but alhamdulillah, Allah gave us our precious gift dat il cherrish da most for sure. here goes our story...

it begin with on friday, 5th Feb 2010 where we went to az-zahrah for hp appoinment. it has been a busy week for both of us, i never walk, move around dat much ever since i was pregnant. and my tummy keep on tightening on and off every single day like i said before, it ranges between 5-15 minutes. when it came, ofcoz i can hardly breath, but when it went away, we continue our chores like always.

being a first timer, ofcoz we didnt know da procedure to give birth @ az-zahrah. we thought our monthly checkup with da md qualified us to give birth there. thank god for hp's appoinment, where we went to da 1st level, and then i saw dis flyers for da antenatal class. i asked hp to go to da counter and register us for da class, and dats when we knew dat in order to give birth @ az-zahrah, we must at least meet da dr. pakar twice. i started to panic bcoz da edd is another one month, and we never met da dr. yet even once. so nurse tu pun ckp xpe, xpe she schedule an appoinment for us with dr. fazlina da next tuesday. im like, thank god, dah selesai satu isu, now i can smile again, dah x rasa worried dah.

after hp's appoinment, we went straight home. da whole day sgt memenatkan, early morning we went to uniten, have a good flash back memory with hp, round2 a bit till da nxt time we went there again. then, hp went for friday prayer, later barula p appointment tuh. i never felt so exhausted, but again being clingy, nak jugak ikut everywhere hp went. @ home, we are so tired and so flat out, we just rest till midnight. im so x larat nk pape dah, just lazing on da couch jer while watching tv, channel 733, the birth story. i never knew its goin to be my turn pulak, asyik tgk org lain jer yg gave birth...

anyway, since dah midnight and we both didnt eat anythg yet, we decided to go out n beli kfc. so siap2 and off we went cari2 mana kfc outlet yg bukak 24/7. malam tuh pun tetiba bykla pulak polis buat roadblock. almost evry street ada jer polis. n evrytime approaching da polis, kenala pakai seatbealt. owh, da tummy keep tightening on and off as usual, so dats why amau pki seatbelt...

we did manage to find da kedai. and i dnt feel like eating, so i opt for da toasted twister, tp dah abis. felt frustrated a bit =( so while waiting for our order, like always im x larat nk berdiri lama2, i said to hp dat i wana sit down for a while. and dis tummy made me hard to breath. im trying hard to catch my breath, sambil buat muka x larat. then dis one chinese guy yg tgh order makanan, glance at me and he smiled. im like tgh xleh bernafas, smile yg x ikhlas to him. later, hp pun dah setel bayar evrythg, cuma nak ambil makanan sume. so i got up, and i felt watery running down my legs. i am like, eyh nape nih and sit down again. da 2nd time i got up, da water keep coming down again. i just gave hp dis petrified look n told him wat happen. then we saw a poodle of water on da floor. tp we didnt make a scene or anythg. just keep it cool between us, well, hp jer yg cool, im not. dah nk panik sgt dah time tuh. then when hp nk amik all da food, da same chinese guy offer da straw sbb hp x amik pun lg. but kitorg pun dah kelam kabut nk leave da store, x amik pun straw and we immediately leave. along da way, da water keep on coming out and i dnt feel like walking pun takut lg byk yg keluar =(

sampai dkt kereta, i started to cry, i dnt wana get in da car bcoz i dnt wana wet da seat. i just stand there while da water keep coming out and kept crying. kesian hp, keep on pujuk me and comfort me when i just simply cry and keep mumbling all my worries. i just cant believe dis is all happening in da middle of dawn which is around 3 o'clock in da morning while we were buying our dinner!!!

in da car, we knew dat dis baby is coming, and guess wat? da hospital bag for mummy n baby x siap pun. and da appoinment with da dr. is next week, so i said to hp while crying 'kita nk bersalin dkt mana? mcm mana klu hospital tu x terima kita' i kept crying, and evrytime da water came out, my noise pitch higher. hp called da hospital and they asked us to come asap. barula rasa x panik sgt and i did stop crying for a while. so we went back to our home, hp pack evrythg while i waited in da car continue crying and panicking. later we went to az-zahrah...

when we get there, there's another lady with her husband who look heavily pregnant n nmpk dlm sgt kesakitan. a man offered her a wheel chair n push her inside. me still walking tough sbb x rasa sakit, cuma da water keep flowing while i walk. hp went to da counter and they told us to go to da 1st floor.

@ da 1st floor, we've to wait for a while coz they attend da wheel chair lady 1st. i didnt wanna sit on da sofa coz il wet it. then, they put dis blue thingy dat absorb da water on da sofa, barula i sit down. quite a while jugakla we waited outside while da water keep on coming out. i made a sad face each time da water came out, hp comfort me al da time, told me not to worry, evrythg will be fine.

later, we went into dis one room, changed into da hospital outfit and had to lay down on da bed. while changing, i made a puddle on da floor and da nurse was quite surprise by da volume of da water and she wipe it out. later a sister came in and check up and already dilated 4 cm. da contraction is very mild, i hardly felt it. she saw da puddle and saw my wet selipar. she asked whether i wash my feet, said tak, ni air ketuban. after checkup, went to ward.

around 9 o'clock, a nurse came with da iv and da tablet. then had a visit from dr. fazlina. dis is da 1st time i met her and i love her already. she did some checkup and after all settle, we went to da labour room. @ da labour room, we waited for da moment to come. da nurse put da pitoccin to speed up da process. and da dose is increasing coz im not feeling anythg, not too much pain. da contraction is there only not too much. da nurse suggest to take da epidural but we decided not to take it at first. as da time went by, and da pitoccin is increasing, i felt twice sharp pain like evry where, hp said we'll take da epidural.

so after da drugs kicks in, i hardly felt my legs, but da pain is still there but bearable. so we waited together and da nurse keep on checking on us. she's a lovely lady, so motherly and very patience and so helpful. around 11.40 am, in da other room, a sound of baby cries occupied da room, meaning dat da wheelchair lady just gave birth. so after attending da wcl, dr. fazlina came to our room. she checked on me, and found out dat im fully dilated and asked me to start pushing.

being a first timer, ive no idea how to push. i just hold my breath and start pushing. da epidural made me feel no contraction. so a nurse stand by my side and felt my tummy. whenever she felt da contraction, she asked me to push. ive no idea how many times i pushed, and it felt like im not doing it right. later da dr. said she wana use da vacumn, da next thing i knew, my baby is on my tummy and i cried like ive never cried before. da feeling was incredible, i never knew i cud feel so much love coming from inside of me.

dr. fazlina said to me to hold da baby, but im afraid il drop him or il spread germ on him. so i gave zairil a lil pat and then da nurse took him. i just watched da nurse clean him up, weight him and i think they gave him oxygen for a while. he just lay there with his eyes wide open. he's so peaceful and looking at him made me cries even more, silly me.

(when da nurse took him, at dat moment i realise zairil is a boy. i thought my baby is a girl, but i was wrong. he's such adorable, cuddly baby. thank you Allah for this greatest gift of all)

da stiching is quite long, da dr. said dat my uterus is weak, rahim x kuat. i dnt kno wat dat means, but while stitching so many blood came out. so da nurse gave me a shot. later when evrythg is finished, we went back to da ward.

later, mak and evryone came to visit. also hp family came by too. zairil was brought in and evryone is happy to see him. when da room is so crowded, zairil was taken away to da nursery, to keep him away from germ.

after a while, evryone leave except hp. he accompanied me till early in da morning, but he went back home later. da next day, dr. fazlina came in to check out evrythg, and later we went back to my family's home.

i guess dis is all i can come up with. im very grateful evrythg went well and our lo is here with us now. he's such a wonderful baby, and we're bless to have him with us. yes, he's here early, one month early, and ofcoz we're not prepared to be parent yet. but we accept wat life throws at us and hopefuly we will do our best to raise our son.

il write more, but later2 lah coz having a baby is not sumthg you can toy with. he need and demand lotsof attention and care. when ive time, il write more insyaAllah. so evryone, lets aja aja fighting!!! take care, assalamualaikum...


Mawar_Mohamad said...

Salam Ain, a very heartwarming story Ain share with us. I enjoyed reading this entry, coming straight dari hati dan perasaan Ain. Good job for first timer and xsempat gi lg pun antenatal class! Hopefully when my time comes it'll be memorable every second going through it mcm Ain, esp that my hub ada di sisi :)

ain alida said...

thanks mawar, dis is da best dat i can come out with my birth story. im sure you'll have a wonderful and memorable experience yourself.

take care mawar, cant wait to read your story pulak =)