Thursday, March 23, 2017


Their current over and over bed time stories, one of them is The Three Little Pigs. Zarif didn't know how to read yet, but he did memorized most of the parts in the book.  

So Zairil love to build houses from the blocks, and one day I heard him talking to Zarif, '"When I build a house, I don't want to make a chimney because that way the wolf will come in" Then I told him "In Malaysia, we don't need chimney, it's hot here." I think that is what the chimneys are for, right? To make the house warm and fuzzy like that?

Anyway... they love me reading stories for them before sleep. Although there are time I didn't read them, due to misbehaving... I must say I do look forward to read to them too. So most of the night, Zairil and Zarif will pick a book and usually the same book, they lay down comfortably on the bed and I will read to them. 

Zairil is seven now, I wonder how long will he want to listen to the stories? To eagerly asked for me to read to him? To lay by my side and listen to all of my words? I MUST READ TO THEM EVEN THOUGH I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT... so that I won't miss this moment when they are away from me one day... when they can live their own life... when ibu is no longer needed for most of the things... when they finally ready to leave the nest... when they are ready to FLY...

p/s: Zairil is getting better now, alhamdulillah... no more waterfall vomits, but the spots are still there. so get better Zairil. Zarif is chirpy as ever, tho there are times when naughtiness seems to be his shadow... be good adik, ibu's eyes are always on YOU!!!

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