Thursday, February 26, 2009

Date Up =p

wah sudah lamanya tidak update!!! sgt busy jugakla for da first week sbb nk settlekn buku rekod. alhamdulillah, dah settle dah pun (hopefully) and jadual pun dah bertukar skit, which im teaching now 27 periods. so now dat i can breath sedikit, so lets blog!

mello evryone! apa khabar semua? evryone doing great? alhamdulillah, syukur. doing not so great? alhamdulillah, syukur juga sbb ujian yg mendatang itu hadiah daripada Allah. lets pass all our test in flying colors shall we?

so wat bout skool you say? alhamdulillah, semua berjalan lancar. budak2 x brapa nk lancar. math kn, for me da critical moment is f1, f2 which if we didnt grap da basic, then da later lesson is a blurry vision ( i dnt kno about you guys, but when i was in f2, i kinda lost in algebra, so there's a lot of catching up to do during f3 ) furthermore, ive to teach in english lagi, preparation and study is a must before going in class.

overall, dis couple of weeks is great for me. da colleagues are great, evryone is helpful. da students mcm biasala, ada rasa mcm nk *00* dan sebagainya, tp biasala budak2. kena bwk byk2 sabar setiap kali masuk kelas.

so far, its challenging, especially teaching morale in dis one particular class. but, i love sharing infos with dis kids. but, ive to equipped myself with general knowledge a lot, and have to be alert with all da current issues worldwide. to be true, ive no interest in wats goin on dat isnt related to me. i mean, i do read about it, but not in great details. now i think ive to reach deeper, not just by its cover...

last saturday was da annual pi*bg meeting. a lot of issues has been raised, so hopefully there's goin to be action taken. next saturday, there's a road run comin up. so i hope evrythg wil be as smooth as possible...

i tried to make my work station as interesting as i may. since da space given isnt much available, so lets make it great and nice orite?

umm, i think dis will be all. there's a lot of things to settle at skool, so lets do it efficiently, one at a time ok? wana settle da lesson plan, and da register. next week, these kids will be facing their march test. hopefully they will do great in their tests.

umm, abah is away from today till weekend. best klu dpt ikut p melaka. so dat leave only us at home. tp adik pun dah balik, ramaila sket dkt rumah. it will be da greatest if you are around too net. sudah rindu sama kamula net, cptla balik kaklin. kami menanti anda di sini =) (saja nk usik2 kaklin, i kno you want to come back too, we'll meet dis coming june yek.) aja aja kaklin, gudluck for your tests and exam, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

orite, till here then. nak tulis lagi, tp nanti2la. ill tell you bout da road run dis saturday ek. take care my friends, take good care orite! assalamualaikum...

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