Friday, February 03, 2012

The Registration

We went to our old university again last monday. At first, si kecil and I waited in the car but after a while, si kecil grew restless. He ignored the tab, the books so when hp came back to the car, I decided to take a walk with Zairil in the admin building.

There were a lot of people inside and every thing remain the same. Just like when I left the building 4-5 years ago? The same smell, the same atmosphere, some familiar faces around. So we both had a walk and stopped at the water fountain near the entrance. Si kecil was fascinated by the water and so does the other baby! How cute he is with his father, watched the water flows together.

Later, si kecil pulled my hand to other direction. We went out along the BL building and made a stop to see the fishes. The weather was scorching hot, but Zairil didn't mind. We watched the fish swam and si kecil kept throwing sticks into the water pool?

It was interesting to see different types of races and hearing their foreign conversation that made me question myself is this really Uniten? I felt as if I was the foreigner. Anyway, si kecil continue his journey so I followed him to whever he wanted to go. We even went up the elevator but sadly the carpet just remain blue. During my study, I remembered the carpet will be change according to what day it is, but not any more I guess.

After the long walk, I decided to go back to our car and suddenly from behind I heard hp's voice! He had settled with the registration and every thing went smoothly. (Lucky thing I always carry hp's passport picture in my purse. If not, we probably have to go back to get it.)

Later, we went to billion for our lunch. Yes, I always look forward to eat at billion because of the kerepek. It's just sambal tempe with kerepek kentang but I felt like it's the best food in the world! For now that is =D

All that I really wanted to say in this post is how much I enjoyed myself spending outing time with Zairil. He was in his best behaviour till I felt I don't even want to go home. I would rather walk and talk and smile to him and see him with his happy grin really melted my heart. How much I loves this boy, so very much indeed...

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