Sunday, April 24, 2011


so yesterday we did went and participate the GCDC. what can i say bout it? umm, hmm... da good thg is we arrived early =D playgroup pun asyik smpi lmbt jer, event ni terawal pulak =p nxt, i did bring my own pen, so i dont hv to queue for da pen to fill in da form. then it's kinda umm, hmm... da room is super hot and uncomfy for si kecil. both of the air-cond are switched on, but due to overwhelming participation i guess, made da room fill with hot gases?!

dis is not my 1st time attending events @ Scriptory Box, it's actually my 3rd times. 1st, da Mommy's Day Out and later da Breastfeeding Day. so i know it's a comfortable place with nice deco. but last night, it really is a challenge for me to handle si kecil, bcoz i myself felt suffocate. i brought all his favourite toys, but it didnt do any good to occupy him. what he really want is to walk freely and play with other babies. tp ni bukan playgroupla sayang, so i held him close to me. later, zairil cried @ da top of his lungs, and i was about to give up already. and i brought him outside, away from da crowded room.

i entertain him outside, play with him and let him walkabout. so that put him at ease. but i still keep checking for da event to start. later i brought him in, but to da back of da room. at the back, there's a bit of space for him to walk around, so he's a bit occupiedla. then, there's a girl whose zairil play with. @ 1st, they play quite nicely. zairil walked and picked watever he can find on the floor, then dis girl followed him around. but later, watever zairil picked, she just took it from him, and she pushed him down till his head knocked on the floor!!! im like, watdahall!!! thank god zairil is a tough baby, he didnt cry, only kept rubbing his head. da girl's mother did say to her daughter to apologize, its a kind gesture. and mend a bit of my broken hart.

from there, i didnt let her near zairil, i kept him to myself. i mean, he's just 1 year old, she's like 3-5 years old. ofcoz da size matter, and she knocked him down quite hard. sedeh tau tgk zairil jatuh terlentang mcm tu. dgn tgk dia gosok2 kepala mcm tu, mesti sakit. i dnt mind anyone to play with him, im more than welcome. tp bila sampai zairil jatuh kena tolak, mmg tgh tahan jer diri sendiri daripada tunjal2 kepala budak tu pulak. watever, wat is done is done already. so right now, i will allowed children near his age to play with him. klu jatuh kena tolak pun, xdela kuat sgt terhentaknya. xdela hati ni gundah gelana tgk zairil sedeh je kena tolak.

ok, i may sound super exaggerate, tp mestila sedeh jugakkan hati ini bila anak kita disakiti. anak sendiri tu, sapa lg la yg boleh pertahankan dia daripada kesakitan. ofcoz i couldnt protect him forever, but since he's a baby, he need to be protected, he needs us to protect him. then, when he can protect himself, i will slowly let him go. so for now, you will be safely in my arms ok hunny.

the clock seems like forever to strike 12.30. i nearly gave up, after da later drama and zairil is growing more and more impatient. but then, the mc annouce da event is bout to start, and i rushed to our spot and for 10 seconds it's over. so there you go, what a long nite!!! phew, we made it, good job sayang, you did such a good job, well done!!! now you received your 2nd certificate, (1st is your birth certificate =D) what an achievement!!!

overall, wat can i say?! hmm, if the place is cooler a bit, i might enjoy da event. because it's so hot, like really hot!!! so it's a bit uncomfortable for me. i dnt know is it just me, because the other participant seems to enjoy themselves, so i guess it's just me. yeah, i have a bit of claustrophobic, i can't stand crowded places, made me dizzy easily. but we did it, we did some major record last nite! but do i ever want to participate again? hmm, i dnt know, i cant say right now. probably i wanna do it again in da future, probably not. i dnt kno. but a big clap to my zairil, because of him, we did it!!!

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