Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 7th Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 7th time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board...

~ 26 March 2011 ~

for dis class, we arrived late; 15 minutes late. da class is already started halfway. so we just joined the group. thank god si kecil is not cranky, and participate and berjalan-jalan around da class happily. we did some flash cards today, i showed zairil the cards but he's not really into it. so i just read and change da cards over and over anyway.

later we had parachute session and ofcoz the bubble time. seronokla tgk zairil excited nak kejar bubbles tu. and when da big bubble is blown, it's like da most exciting thg a baby can poke!!! then we have book reading time, where babies have their chances to touch furs on this fury book.

for signing, dis week is more. it's like you make your both hands kinda like a bird's-head-shape, then joined the hands together. get it? i don't know how to explain it in details. because i don't know the exact words. owh, last week the sign is eat. i think most of us know how's the eat gesture by now right. so i guess i don't have to explain it in details.

so, for nxt week there will be no class. however, Level 3 is starting on April, and i am so excited. i don't know what is in stored for us, but i'm sure it's gonna be lotsof fun and that is for sure!!!


Mawar_Mohamad said...

Salam Ain,nmpk mcm best je bw ur baby gi playschool :) mawar tak ingat-ingat nak announce tentang GA sling. Mawar pick Ain as winner.harap Ain still minat nak guna.your toddler berapa berat badan now?Anyhow we'll arrange nanti on the sling.Maybe jumpa somewhere or time birthday party Hamzah plan nak buat next month.

Ain Alida said...

hi mawar, mmg best sgt playgroup nih. ingt nk jugak ajak mawar dtg playgroup, dptla jumpa hamzah yg comel tu. tp mesti mawar busykan weekend? tp klu mawar free, mehla join playgroup gbob.

teacher watie is a very nice lady, suka sgt budak2. mawar boleh contact dia klu nk join playgroup ni. mawar boleh tgk facebook GBOB for more details k.

really? im da winner. betul ke ni? OMG bestnya. tq mawar =) umm zairil sekarang berat dia about 10kg+. im free n available @ anytime. so mawar boleh arrangekn when ure freela k.

again, thanks mawar. ure such a big heartla buat GA sling nih. bcoz it really mean alot to me coz i can't carry him lama2 sgt due to my sakit pinggang yg on n off nih. again, really really appreaciate it alot =)

take care mawar, wah hamzah dah nk setahun dah kan? really how times fly...