Friday, April 29, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 2nd Class - Level 3

...for dis post, it'll be about da 1st time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board for Level 3 Class...

~ 17th April 2011 ~

we arrived a bit late. so da class has started a bit, and the 1st session is warming up. warming up consist of all the dance bit you can think of! again, dis routine really burns a lot of calories. later we played with da hoola hoop, using da hoolala like a steering wheel and go round and round da class as if we're driving. owh, si kecil dah nak belajar bawak kereta ker?! i dnt know how i will react when he's starting to learn to drive nanti. mesti rasa mcm, owh dah besar dah anak ibu nih. mcm baru jer ibu lahirkan zairil. gosh, i'll sure be all teary and moppy when dat day finally arrives =/

next, is da write a letter to daddy. all babies are given an envelope filled with a piece of paper and a marker for them to write a letter to daddy. dis exercise is to develop fine motor skill which is grasping da pen and jotting somethg on da paper. so zairil did wrote sumthg to ayah, and his hands are both covered with da marker's ink. he loves 'writing' his hart out to bababah, comel jer conteng2 zairil nih.

after writing da letter, all babies post da letter in da letter box. zairil did a great job in putting in da letter with da help of teacher watie of course.

later is, da boxy with da jingy where all da toys make all sort of noises. we played with some, but zairil is more interested to put back in all da toys in da box instead of playing with it. but he loves da balls, so he played with da balls instead.

later is da parachute and bubbles time. we had fun dis week. well, every week is a fun week for us. i love bringing zairil to da playgroup because i can see dat he enjoyed it very much, and he had great time playing with other babies. what more can i wish for, seeing him happy, all smiley and giggly.

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