Saturday, April 23, 2011

CD Breaking =)

so, we're gonna be doing some major breaking CD record tonite!!! hopefully evrythg will be under control. i don't know what to expect, hopefully we're gonna be okay. okay as in i'm not gonna be kalut & menggelabah handling dis lil one alone while participating in dis event. i dont know wat was i thinking, to participate with si kecil. dahla it's his bed time, hopefully he's not gona be cranky. dahla im gonna be alone with dis lil one, while hp's gonna be downstairs. dahla there's a theme to it, and im not very fond of any theme coz im not a fashionista. wat really was i thinking nih?

feel like backing down, but then it wont be fair for others who want to attend but they are unfortunate. @ 1st, when i emailed the gcdc, i have no hope watsoever. i thought we're not gonna make it as participant coz of the limited participation. and the email didnt get any reply, so i thought, owh well tough luck. but, then on last monday, i got an email from gcdc and calls from gcdc (but i didnt pickup sbb x dgr phone, lame excuse i kno) and a msg from gcdc asking whether i'm interested to participate, i instantly replied yes. so did some payment, got the to do list (which ive to prepare after writing dis) so today lets just hope for the best, shall me?

to be frank, i am feeling pretty darn anxious, awkward, uncomfortable, self-conscious, uncertain and da list shall goes on... wow this is a serious low self-esteem going on here. i don't know, im not really good mingling with others. my mouth ada batu dalam. sgt berat mau bukak mulut. sgt segan mau strike any conversation. and i'm very comot, i cudnt careless about style. as long as im comfy, dats good enough for me...

so wish me da very best of lucks you can wish for me pretty darn please!!! overla exaggerate like always, minta maaf yea. ini budak yg sudah dewasa ada itu satu budak kecil jugak duduk dalam. jadi ia ada juga rasa sayang sayang hey bila ia akan menggelabah pada keesokkan harinya...

but im sure da event itself gonna be great. mesti ada byk baby comel yg boleh kawan dgn si kecil kan? awhhh mesti sgt comel. so, si kecil... lets do our best like we always did ok hunny. ure my sugar pie yummy yummy gigit sikit. till here, ill write some more about the event k. take care evryone, aja aja fighting!!! - kata2 semangat buat ibu yg akan tukar cd pada pukul 12 t/m waktu tempatan, atau ibu sahaja yg akan bertukar menjadi makan budak huarghhh!!!

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