Saturday, April 16, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 1st Class - Level 3

...for dis post, it'll be about da 1st time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board for Level 3 Class...

~ 10th April 2011 ~

i am really looking forward for this week class simply because this is the 1st class zairil is going to participate in Level 3!!! he's now 1 Year++, dat means he is now in lil walker group. so dis time, we arrived quite on time, and da 1st session i think is singing and dancing time. i'm telling you, it's like doing a cardio workout for 1 hour lah!!! i sweated like i never sweat in my life =p but it is fun bcoz si kecil really enjoyed it, so dat's a plus!

later, all da babies had their turns in putting ball inside da basketball hoola hoop (i don't kno wat it is called, jadi saya suka hatilah hentam sahaja =p) da line is obviously long, bcoz it is full house dat day, and si kecil ni don't mind waiting for his turn, as long as he's free to walk around da class. so i let him roam around, except when he started to play with the door or with da stand fan. suka tau buat ibu sakit jantung, nak main benda yg bahaya jer. so he did toss da ball inside da hoola hoop, yay for zairil!!!

after dat, we had beany-bag time. teacher watie hand-out beany bags to babies and mummies will put da bag on top of babies's head. this activity to coordinate their balance while walking. zairil didn't like da idea of putting da bag on top of his head, so memanjang je tangan tu tarik da beany bag and run away with it.

next is the play with wats-in-da-box-thingy. teacher watie take out a large box filled wtih all the toys dat make seriously loud noise. so da babies shake, bang, jiggle till da whole room filled with tremendous noise!

afterward, we had the bubbles and para-para up&down. this is the usual activity, so am not gonna elaborate on dat.

for dis class, i must say i had a blast! i guess da class is full house, so there are many babies to see, thus i loved it. and the activities are super fun, i loves dancing around with si kecil @ home. so yup, love it cuma malu2 sket nk joget2 dpn other mummies. i must look like a clown =/, but dis is zairil's fun time, so watever mummy feel doesn't count. as long as he's happy, mummy is more than happy for you si kecil =)

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