Friday, April 22, 2011

It's A Must!!!

this is one of the most important thing that i need and use @ all time. every time i prepared zairil's milk, before touching him, after nappy change, before and after eating, after i sneeze or cough, it's like i am so germ phobic right now. i'm so afraid that i'm da one dat give germs to lil one, dat's why i equip myself germless, to be at da least of carrying germs, get it? but now i think i'm more like umm, it's like a routine dah to me, to wash hand like every time i touch something. it's kinda like a burden jugak because in my mind, i've to constantly think, eyh dah basuh tgn ke belum? kena basuh lg nih, rasa x bersih. kena basuh dispenser tu pulak sebab td dah pegang masa tekan dia. arghhh... it's like i never satisfied no matter how many time i washed my hands.

but, after using dis, it's reassured me a bit, simply because it's automatic dispense the liquid, so i don't have to touch anythg. and because the brand itself reassured me that it is anti bacterial. but now it's more like to saja2 pulak suka-nak-basuh-tgn-sbb-nak-guna-suka-suka-hati. plus i like the smell. i love evrythg dat smell nice, who doesnt right?

i first saw this auto dispenser @ one of da cooking tv show. so im like, wah ada yea automatic tmpt sabun cuci tgn? mesti sgt mahal. i mean, yg x auto pun mahal, yg auto obviously mahalla kan? then i saw this @ jj, ofcoz it's a must for me. and now, evrytime i went near da sink, saja2 guna dis lil thgy. what am i rambling about anyway? but if you like to wash your hands more than 15x a day, why dont you give yourself a break from pumping da hand-liquid-washer, and get yourself this best lil thg dat make you go wow evrytime the liquid comes out of it? (i would still go wow till now =p)

so there you go, my must have thgy dat can put my mind at ease dat is =)

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