Monday, April 18, 2011

Pichas @ Genius Baby On Board 1st Class - Level 3

bubble time - all babies are excited to catch da bubbles =) play with what-in-da-box-thingy
para-para time, most babies tgh tgk teacher kesayangan mereka =)
beany-bag time; concentrate dgr penerangan teacher watie.

if you noticed, zairil & aleesya are da only one dat had started wearing gbob shirt. and guess wat? they are not alone, since me and hp too are wearing da same shirt dat day!!! we both support gbob so much since gbob provided da chance for zairil to mingle around with other babies @ his age. so yes, we are really thankful bcoz dis is the time where i can see zairil socializing with others and he's now one friendly baby in da house!!!

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