Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks a bunch!!!!

Fuish, byk sungguh komen2 yg membina daripada anda sekalian. sgt terharu rasanya. terima kasih di atas sokongan moral yg telah anda semua berikan. wat doesnt kill me, can make me stronger kn?

to elly, thanks and yup, i wont stop writing bout these darling until its time for me to finally stop, a lil bit of challange ive to face, but dats only to spice up and juice my daily routine =D

to aton, hehe baru kena puji sket terus x update hari2. mmg nak tulis, tp kinda tired sket sbb budak2 ni tgh ujian. mcm ada adrenaline rush je lps marah2 diorg, end up ive sore joints and ive a headache once a while. not to worry, il post sumthg juicy later ek aton =)

to mishika, jgnla masuk kelas cikgu nih. smlm dgn hari nih, cikgu garang sgt smpi muka budak2 perempuan semua kecut je tgk cikgu. cikgu pun takut dgn keadaan cikgu pada masa itu. im like so fierce and fury, and i dont evn like myself sbb at any moment i felt i can just lempang budak2 itu. thank god i didnt, bcoz i wana hurt no one, tp sumtime they are just too much!!! i nearly burst in tears but again i didnt. i just went outside, take a couple of huge breath and gave them a cold hard stares. tp disebabkn diorg nih mmg x reti2 bahasa, sekejap je kelas senyap. gosh i hate these brats!!!!

to fara, yes indeed, evry moment i prayed to Allah for strength and patience!!! i am determine to keep on going till the end of this year. later on, come wat may, just belasah je ek...

again, thanks a lot for my supporters, my invinsible arms and shoulders to cry on =) im very blessed to have friends likem you guys, full of supports and words of encouragements! this is the moment where all i need is comfort and here you guys are!!! got some more stories to tell, but il save it till the next post...

arghhh, esok sekolah ganti la pulak, darn it!!! mau masuk tidur awalla. till here then, take care and stay safe =)

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