Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's been a long static. not dat ive been avoidin bloggin, its just dat i dont have any more desire to spill my thoughts and senses in this virtual world. what i would really wish for now, is to have my other half eyes to eyes and stay with me all night. but thats a wish probably gonna take longer time to come true. how hard ive been praying lately for this, but solemnly knowing dat there's always the blessing in disguise waiting itself to be reveal.

sound poetic as i may, is not wat i intended to babble in here. just a few line about this and dat, datsal y'all. aint nothin but wats been kickin lately, n tellin da truth, i got nothg.

write all i will, but all i could think of is despair. as though the skies have fallen on me, the air was so heavy dat i cudnt breath, the cloudy days dat never seems to end, the sun as though too shy to be out again, all the butterflies the bees and the birds stop dancing. no words can describe my sorrows and grieve. i just feel teribly sad, and no reason for this.

i try to reach the end of the tunnel, but the light seems to move further and further away. i try to run but my knees are so weak. i try to scream, but im so numb i couldn't speak. so please misery go away, i really need to come out and play.

lead a happy life people, choose to smile evn for a while. you never know, the person that you smile to is the one you could fall in love to.

enough said, take care and smile =)


.:fara:. said...

welcome back ain!

its been a while since ur last update..

dont worry ain, the rain will stop, and the rainbow will eventually show itself...its a matter of time..

btw, what makes u sad??

ain alida said...

ai fara,xtaula pasal asyik rasa sedeh jer. mcm sayu gitu. thanks fara, lets find our rainbow sumwhere shall we?