Thursday, January 08, 2009

Facing Reality

yello, hows my favourite people doing today? is evryone alrite? im just okay. having a lil bit of a cold, runny nose, block da airway. making me not too comfy. orite, enuf bluf bout me. but still gona write bout me anyway, so just stay put jerla ek. if not, ure welcome to shut dis window panel at ur own wish...

let see, its about a week dah since uve been gone net. i miss you, like a lot. so does evryone else. home isnt da same w/o kamu la net. dis room seems so empty. my hart is empty too = ( sorila net, being mengada terlampau sudah. we're all fine, nothg to worry about. so kaklin focusla on your study and excel ority?

last saturday was fizah n mudi wedding!!! gosh fizah is looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous. and they look so happy together. and when we arrived, we spot fizah with fara, shikin n ayu. i congratulate her n give evryone a kissy hugs n then off we went to eat. later spot wanie n tokan, n other unitenians. unfortunately, x sempat nk jupe ilah n dbah. da wedding is awsome, da food is delicious, n evrythg was nice and great. ive no pichas as usual, as da result of seganess...

wat else, hmm its been a week since da school started. so im left all alone at home. but it was fun. waking up with no stress thinking of having to go to skool. and i can cook, do da laundry, cleaning, and all da usual stuff without any interuption. later, if mak cudnt fetch naim coz of meeting or other stuff, then it will be me who will come to rescue. overall, i dnt mind lepaking at home, doing da chores unless if there's unsur2 nagging going on, then il just drop evrythg n do nothg =D

bout da wedding, umm the date isnt setup yet which is no surprise. since evryone still think its far n away. when people asked me when is da wedding, i answered cheekily next year. umm, quite huge knock on da head, hello! it is next year already duh!!! n dis coming may/june is when da wedding gona take place. lagi mau berangan kata tawon dpn hehe =p

wats da update bout da k-day? no update, its just dat i thought its gona be my relatives whose gona do da cooking. it turn out nope. someone else will. kinda like catering, which we can also lend our hand. like kupas bawang, n such n stuff. its like bergotong-royong or some sort with da people/neighbours i dnt kno, n dats da fact. so im like, ok. buatla pape yg patut. i dnt really mind, as long as da show is on, wat ever gona hapen, hapen la ek.

i think dis shud do it. till later, take care =)

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