Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A First-Timer =)

baru jer lps gosok baju abah dgn abg. umm, sekadar peringatan, esok pki baju batik yea kawan-kawan, jgn terlupa pula. semlm beria je ckp dgn mak letak je baju yg nak digosok dkt tmpt serika, dan saya telah konon2nya nak tdo sekejap, tp terlebeh bujet smpila ke pagi. ianya adalah hampagas, bangun pg kelam kabut mak gosokkn baju naim dgn baju abg. haish, ain ain. naperla boleh terlajak lebeh2 nih? jadi, mlm ni sebelum lelapkn mata, alhamdulillah sudah siap digosokkn.

umm, sebenarnya nk letak gmbr yg dah disnap2 masa ahad lps. cuba teka ape yg kitorg buat? ok, mesti korang pun dah biasa sgt buat mende nih, tpkn truth to be told, im a first-timer! a newbie n ofcoz amateur! so lets do some doodle with these pictures, shall we?

first game main. first time baling, im so surprise, i strike!!! mmgla sgt beginner's luck! im shocked n amaze on how lucky i am kan? M-h2b, N-naim, A-ain

second game. h2b is warming up. dah x larat nk compete dgn die. sgt ketinggalan di belakang =/

naim n my h2b

naim pose

h2b pose

where's my pose? ada tp mcm ntah hape2 jer. nmpkla sgt x pro. so malas mau taruk. kitorg book for five games. tp since kitorg pun x solat asar lagi, n da time aint gona wait for us, so we had to burn da last game. but its ok, we can play some other anyway. klu tgk dkt scoreboard, you guys knowla where we played. but at first, we wana play @ mi*nes. i know dat a lot of changes have been done @ mines, which is ok. but since we cudnt find da surau for ladies altho we've tried to search for it every floor, so we went to pray @ masjid uni*ten. later, we tried to go back to mi*nes, however there's a long queue goin on, so we decided to go n play @ ba*ngi super*bowl.

so here goes my first game. it was fun, i enjoyed it. and i wana play some more plz. dulu xde pun teringin nak main, sbb rasa mcm lecehla nk men boling. kena bawak stokin la, sewa kasut bagai. dats why i say no or just watch other people play. now dat im lovin it, so can we go again h2b? =)

btw, its mimi's birthday tomorrow. happy birthday mimi =) may all your dreams come true, may happiness surround you and your loves one and all my best wishes for you mie =)

nite2 evryone. it's one o'clock already. and mak had so many plans for 2moro. orite mak, il do anythg for mak. il try my bestest to fulfill anythg dat mak wishes for. take care evryone, may we have da strength to challenge wats up ahead, aja aja fighting!!!


ellyWong said...

ainnnnnnnnn.. you know what, i played on the same alley time balik mesia ari tu. hohohoh... what a coincidence! :D

ain alida said...

wat elly? really? then we cud have another game together nxt time!!! tell me about it, its really a wow coincidence... kte men alley 24 la klu mcm tu nanti ek.

wow, really a wow coincidence... im surprise till now, its like evn ure far away, there's sumthg dat made me feel like ure so close... again wow...

take care elly, give insyirah hugs n kisses from aunty ain =) assalamualaikum...

The Mrs-Bride said...

ohh.. it's our favourite game everrr!! dulu time berchenta paling giler main game nih.. *ahem* tp skang duduk umah jer laa.. hubby yg gi main everyweek with his friends.. jeles!!! :P hehehe..

ain alida said...

owh ye ke knits. apa kate after bb jr. is born, kite p main sama2 nak? ajak rmi2 main, mesti best kan =)