Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cool Fever

i know im way too harsh on da last entry. sgt x baik, forgive me. im bad, bad bad mouth nih. but, if i didnt explode in here, where da heck am i gona focus those hatred feeling? i hardly lay my hand on anyone to express my anger, i seldom yell at anyone, thus when im mad/anguish/frustrated, the way i chanel those negative energy is tru writing. indeed i write a lot, inside my lil book dat i shared with twirt. twirt had been my buddy since i hardly remember. i always spill n share my thoughts with him. why him? bcoz back then n till now, i think sharing thoughts with diff gender is great since they wont judge. and why they dont judge? bcoz they never listen to a thg you said...

so wow, a lot of mumbling has been done. so why all dis mumble? just so you know dat im not as pms as i was b4, tho isnt da time of da month yet. again, i know dat people around me do concern. they love me so much dat they actually care for me. therefore, i really do appreaciate all da wonderful thoughts n concern. but plz dont suffocate me too much thank you. you dnt wana mess with me when im under stress bcoz i myself dnt like ain-in-da-battle-zone mode. if i switch on dat button, then be prepared to face da war like no others. its gona be brutal, there's gona be tears, but at da end of da day, evrythg will fall into places. tho we cud opt for other option, w/o me turnin into a beast n stuff. we cud go peace sista! so let work it out in a very sensible manner shall we ladies? i know we could =)

again, thank you for your concern, thank you for your love, thank you for everything. i love each and evryone of you, so im really glad having you guys in my life. now ain is not being coo-coo anymore, i guess dis is it. im sorry you guys have to read da horrible horrible post. i said i wana take it out, but yet i want it to stay here for a bit longer. to remind me how vicious i somtime can be. so dnt over push it ladies, bcoz we know we dont likey eyh?

nite2 evryone. have pleasant dreams, sorry for the nightmare stirred earlier. im sure da rainbows and sunshine will be out in a minute. so lets not give up hope and praying for the better tomorrow. take care, assalamualaikum...

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