Sunday, January 11, 2009

- Me -

assalamualaikum... umm, so wussup with da vc? well dats da song dat linger in my mind these days, so instead of making sume org pening pala hearing me wailing da lyrics wic is so tunggang langgang, i link them n we can hear them together, shall we? =D

today, we went out and have our jalan2. just driving along till ke bangi dah wic is so bringin back da old time memories. we talked n smiled n look at each other n then talked some more, smile n it was fun. i like it dat way. well, thats how we spend our date anyway. i love listening to his words, full of wisdom n i learn something new each day. rather than searching for latest info thru da media, i listen from h2b and dats how i found my updates =)

umm, just now have my study time with naim. he recited and memorize surah al-baqarah verse 1-5, then memorize sifir doblas coz his teacher is gona do some poppup quiz. now, he's layaning psp n temaning me writing dis blog.

another umm... net, hows da diner last nite? have you seen da vc? best x? hehe, yup, kakin xmola taruk itu satu lagi lagu. bikin kapla pusing je nanti. supposely shud listen to the entire song carefully b4 liking it, n suka hati je tukar itu lirik. i thought dats da meaning of da song wic is way too umm... a bit not appropriate i guess kan net? so dat song will be an archieve inside da head with a lil bit of alteration.

umm, xde pape pun nk tulis sebenarnya. saje je nk update sbb xde pape nk tulis. il be reading smartstart after dis, is a book prepared by lppkn, ive read dis book b4 but not seriously as im thinkin i aint getting married tomorrow. now dat tomorrow is getting near, better gear up soon enough. i guess this is all in my mind, take care evryone n have plenty of rest n drink a lot of water yea. assalamualaikum...

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