Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hear Me Stumping My Head Off

Can I not hear another word "kahwin" till da day i shud be married? i thank you for doing that. it's me who's getting married, not you guys! so can you plz back off and leave me alone? tqvm =)

having major melt down. so plz run away if you see me coming. im telling you, i can bite! so beware bcoz uve been warned!!!

p/s - just wat im feeling inside. no particular reason, not mad at anyone, not being sarcastic, not being anythg rite now. i mean why sumthg so simple can be darn menyusahkan? why is it da people, da m people like to do it tidiously? why nk matikn anak, xnk matikan adat2 ntah hape2 tu? do you really love seeing your own daughter/son dead bcoz of one lousy day? typical custom, wat ever. thank god i was born as a muslim, tho i kinda admit not really glad bein born as typical m rite now shish...

dis post will be up till im cool off. then i get rid off dis piece of shite. i know its not nice to say such thg, but again plz back off. im too nak muntah n sick dealing with sumthg as silly as this when da war is goin on out there and da non-stop killing n terrorizing goin on. wat ever, have a good day people, wish yours better than mine. assalamualaikum...

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