Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stare Back At Me

I just finished staring at my phone, asking myself why bother buyin expensive phone when the only thing i can do with it is staring my eyes out!!! hmm, i wonder what is hp doin now? it's 1.17 am so i know he's asleep. but ive been trying to call him or waiting for him to call, but till now jillo. i understand he's been busy with his work, with his going-away-trip-for-training-far-far-away, but i'm curious about his well-bein. whether he's okay now, had he packed already, have he eaten, the usual stuff dat evry gurlfren/wife/mother worries about. but i guess he's fine. he's always more than fine. it seems dat i'm da baby who doesn't know evrythg whenever i'm with him. but i wana hear his voice 24-7, is dat too much to ask? not much rite =)

hmm, so i guess dis is it. please excuse me, i want to continue staring at my phone again. nite evryone, sweetdreams..

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