Sunday, December 02, 2007

Medical Medic

Sape suka tgk house? i sure does!!! recently finished watchin house season 3 and now moving to season 4. other medical series dat i like watching is scrubs. scrubs is one of a kind, much different from any other doctors wana be series. i like scrubs for all the comical stunts, but house is more toward the attitude. i used to love watching e.r, but too much drama. the only thing i like to watch grey's anatomy is because of izzie, i dont know her cast's name in grey's because she isn't playin the main role. i like izzie because of this episode in roswell, where she doesn't give a damn dat no one is by her side durin her weddin. she is so stunning and she's drop dead gorgeous no matter wat her hair color is. knocked out is one of the movies she acted and she's the lead. why am i talking about izzie? the fact is she look honest and sincere in evry role she played. and i like watching her evntho she appeared not more than ten minutes per episode. seein her act really make the show worth watchin.

other thg why i mention about these medical tv series is dat, i love watching doctors in action. i just love seein them sayin all those never heard medical terms before. it is because in this way i cud learn new symptoms and understand wat the doctors are trying to say evrytime i pay them a visit. futhermore i can speak to my sister about medic things and i cud understand wat she's learning and how difficult it is to become a doctor. wats more important is dat i always felt grateful and thankful for the health dat Allah had blesse for my family and me. so be grateful and thankful eventho you think you don't have to...

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