Monday, December 03, 2007

Mending Own Heart

What do i do to mend my broken hart? there's no pixies dust and nothing is nice, just pieces of shit. one of my eyes is swollen like a pau, and uve guess it, my tears are like rain falling from the sky. i hate confronting my feeling in open air like this but damn it, it's hard to keep it shut. i don't know to whom i shud turn to, which shoulders to cry on. i know i got my own shoulders, and ive been a tough person all my life, taking care my own self. but dis is one of the time i just felt tired to stand strong, to be tough. now i felt my heart is melting, my brain just whoosh into sponges spaghetti, my body just went numb and all i could hear is dead silence. now that's da depressing we're talking about.

i know 2moro will come and the grand saga will continue. but for this moment, i really could use a big comfy arms to keep me warm through the nite. wait a second, just my luck, i dont have that arms. not yet, not ever. guess i should use my own arms instead which is sucks. i mean, i can provide these arms to others, but yet when i'm in need, there's suppose to be other arms that i cud use. what can i say more, that's da life ive to live for. bein the huge cheerleader for evryone yet to be my own cheerleader when im down. enough chitter chatter, till later...

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