Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Lil Sumthing

assalamualaikum... it's been a while now i haven't write in 'proper' writing i must say. always in a rush. nak bagi salam pun x menyempat. guess dis is da price for having si kecil in da house. so how's evryone doing so far? despite of wat's goin on in da middle east, and a hartwrenching disaster dat happened in japan, my prayers is for evryone to be safe and a lil happiness goes a long way kan?

ok, umm for dis post... umm, i just wana write sumthg dat to me, yes it will make me sound like a terible mother, some ungrateful piece of meat. but its like, it did bug me once a while and i hope dat my writing wont be jugde. so read me out kay, read with your eyes, nothing else but with your eyes...

okay, once a while... maybe more than once a while, i felt like arghhh whyla my mind always have dis menyampah thoughts. and i hate it when it just blurt out of my mouth, and later i regret talking bout it. its like, tolong bersyukur boleh x? tapi kan, nak jugak ada tapinya and i hate having this burden thought of mind. so please la, please la go away and just be grateful already!!!

ni ape ni? what is it la dat im trying to say ni actually? i dunno, its hard to explain in word really. macam ditelan, x best. diluah pun sama jugak x best. lain kali janganla makan hati, makan angin kan best. boleh jugak menghirup udara yg best. umm hello?! yg byk membebel ni kenapa? wah sungguh byk betul dah bebel panjang2 ni, tp tak tertulis jugak apa yg nak ditulis yea, hmm...

ok, tu jerla nak tulis. just by writing a bit of all this makes me feel some what, lighten up?!! i'm sorry, it's just that somtimes i need to write some garbage in here. sorry for deluded your mind with my ntahapehapeness. this momma need some space to fill in some garbage outta her mind.

sorry, i promise i will write something better for the next post kay. i just need some time before i can finally write what really bothered me for the time being. accept this ntahapehapeness as an entree post before i could really write about what i really want to write.

so take care evryone. i wish for evryone's happiness and pink of health. don't forget to drink lots of water and smile like always. assalamualaikum...


ellyWong said...

sooo totally understand.

ni ain, just my two-cents. always benda yg tak best tu syaitan yg punye keje tu.. n their cara is to come n go n come again especially to we gurls. mmg die suker org jiwa kacau. try to make yourself busy untuk lupakan the thing. i know it's hard sbb i found myself struggling at times tu.

you tc dear! :D

Ain Alida said...

really elly? you understand what i'm talking about? i thought i'm losing my mind here.

so is this why i'm having this jiwa kacau thgy? i hate it, always makes me feel like a loser.

thanks for your advise, i felt much much better. elly pun take care ok. nak jumpa ibrahim dgn insyirahla, they're so adorable sgt =)

kak lin said...

kak in..unlike ur fren, i dont tink i really understand, but i can guess i tink..
i hope ure ok je..
pape pun,just tink positive, u noe u gave ur best, so no worries la ek..
oo,n bende xbes mmg slalu jadi, i dont tink life all nice n pretty je, mesti ade yg xbes yg jd, but pape yg xbes tu surely doesnt come from u, so jgn la pikir sgt..
merepek je tau sy, huhu..
i miss u much.......

Ain Alida said...

awh net, kamu sgt comel. xde papela, jst rasa serabut. n kesian tgk budak kecik nih. since dah boleh berjalan, asyikla terhantuk sana, terhantuk cni.tejatuh-jatuh lg.rasa nak letak dia dlm belon je bg dia tak tercedera.

dats y mcm,ala kesiannya.kin xleh nak protect dia all da time.baru je tgk sumwhere for a few second,tetiba dah terjatuh.kesian si kecil ni.

bykla rasa mcm serabut je all da time.especially when it involves si kecil ni,lagila kin rasa serabut.mcm sedeh je tgk dia bile nanges2,x bestla. huhuhuhuh