Friday, March 18, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 5th Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 5th time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board...
~ 5 March 2011 ~

this time around, we arrived pretty early. for the 1st activity is shakey shake shakey. mummy will shake da maracas/tamborine so the baby will crawl/walk to you. zairil is in a warm up mood, so he just sit there, ignoring da maracas. after a while, he went for a crawl himself, leaving me chasing him around da room.

for discussion time, what is mummy favourite time with baby. for me, i like bath time because he likes bubble, and he loves water. but the x best part is getting him out of the water. sgt susah yea, dgn si kecil nih melentik2 lg, its like arghhh takutnya slippery water n bubbles will cause trouble la si kecil!!!

owh teacher watie elaborate more on this, she said that while bathing your baby, splash the water and say splash. this is to introduce the word splash and the splash action.

next is the para-para time; which is singing and moving the parachute up and down with da babies underneath da parachute.

later, we had itsy-bitsy spider song. zairil likes it, moving his body, dancing to the song. i always sing this song to him, plus in your baby can read cd, this song is being played as well. so he likes to move his body to this song.

afterward is bubble time and for this week signing is close. it is the same as open, but you just do it opposite of open.

for this week, si kecil is all over da room. i have to chase him evrywhere!!! sekejap dekat sana, sekejap pegi sini. its like, tolongla si kecil duduk diam2 boleh x? and there are so many babies this week. i think its a full house. seronok betul tgk byk babies, semua comel2 je. sungguh comel =D

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