Sunday, March 20, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 6th Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 6th time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board... ~ 12 March 2011 ~

we arrived late, nothing unusual about that. 2nd activity is about to start, so we joined in. for dis activity, we created some kind of an obstacle for the babies to crawl. then we piled up da pillow so that da baby can roll over, and mummy will say roll over.

next is playing with the maracas. babies loves da maracas, they keep on shaking it, and even putting it in their mouths.

later, da parachute and bubble time. we had dis every week, so there's no need for me to elaborate more on dis rite?

afterward, is reading time. teacher watie read a book with some kind of fur on it, so babies will touch da fur, and she will make a sound of the animal that goes along with da fur.

for discussion time, what is your baby's habit? for zairil, i said that he loves to tear da tissues, shredded it into pieces. xleh nampak tisula kiranya, mesti nak koyakkan. teacher watie said dat its good for fine motor skill, thus it will enhance his motor skill plus its a cheap way to train his skill.

owh, i thought its kinda naughty thg to do, shred da tissue and make a mess out of it. rupanya its good for da baby to practice. thank goodnessla x penah nak marah si kecil nih evrytime he did dat, cuma kena sabar sketla, then kena vacumnkan all da small small tissue td tu.

dis week, again i have to chase him all over. x kesahla, janji he didnt cry and enjoy his time there. i cant remember wats da signing for dis week, its because at this time, si kecil nih dah merangkak ke mana dah, kena kejar budak nih. i'll ask teacher nxt week la.

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