Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Play In Group @ Genius Baby On Board 4th Class

for dis post, it'll be about da 4th time we attend playgroup @ genius baby on board...
~ 26 February 2011 ~

i think this time around, we arrived quite on time. so for the 1st activity will be warming-up with da babies =D for dis activity, mummy will hold baby's feet and bring them together while touching toes and heels. mummy will repeatedly says toes and heels whenever those two are touched. this is for baby to be familiar with toes and heels.

then mummy will move baby's arms going on small to big circle while mummy says small small circle then big, bigger circle. dis is just to differentiate between small and big of course. after dat, it will be: up and down and all da way around. there's a song dat mummy listened to, which is up up up: mummy will bring baby up, down down down: mummy will bring baby down to the floor and all the way around: mummy will make a circle while baby makes da sweetest smile ever!!! owh, zairil loves dis activity, especially da part all da way around - he giggles and smiles and sgt geramnye!!! tp ibu yg penat, sgt berexercise sungguh!!!

after da warm up, we played peekaboo and tug of war. for peekaboo, mummy will cover their faces will this see through piece of cloth, and baby will pull this cloth and mummy will say peekaboo. then when baby took the cloth, mummy will pull gently, sort of tugging it. so it's tug of war alike. for this activity, the main purpose is to build baby's upper strength when baby tries to pull the cloth. zairil prefer to tug da cloth with his teacher than with his ibu. aper daa, karang ibu main dgn baby lain baru tawu =p

next is the picture puzzle. for this activity, there are two cards; with three differences on it. so mummy will tell baby what are the differences and basically what is on that card. hmm, this one, zairil is more keen to grab and waves the card rather than looking at it. x kesahla, janji dia x menangis =>

later, bubbles and parachute time. since he loves bubbles so much, he poke and grab da bubble before his teacher blows it. adoyai, sabar la sayang ibu nih!!! for the parachute, he just sit still under da parachute and listened to da song.

for mummy discussion; what is baby's first word. and for signing - open. place two hands while gesturing open, place two hands and open them.

dis week, there are new babies in da class. i can say new babies because we attend all the class without fail for the past four weeks now. so for some weeks, we met new faces, and of course the regular faces. so i guess we are the regular faces la from now on =D

after attending the class four times in a row, zairil is no longer a shy-shy cat one =p he crawls, he walks like no one's business and left ibu sorg2 dkt blakang ='( i have to chase him around for every activity. now he likes to go and touch his friend's faces. sungguh baby friendly. i hope other mummy is not offended. but if you are, i'm so teribly sorry. i try my best to control si kecil from going after your baby nxt time yea. but, i dont mind if zairil's friend wana be super friendly with him. seronokla tgk diorg main sama2. till here then, take care every one =)

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