Sunday, May 31, 2009


assalamualaikum... another 5/6 days to go. my feeling? xde pape perasaan. but more or less mcm sedey a bit, you're not gona be around @ my wedding net. tp, its for da best kan net. i love you, so i dnt wana jeopardise your future for me. so da result, no one is gona be my pengapit. if i can't have kaklin, then il have no one. stubborn as i sound, yup there's a kapla batu inside. watever, lets move on...

so, i did have my sauna. and i think i shed quite a few kilos back there. nak tawu dkt mana i did my sauna? none other than depan rumah ni ha... for a couple of times, saya telah potong rumput di bawah terik mentari. terasa macam menjadi petani gitu. well, abah bought a new mower, and dis one is ringan and quite good mower, so dats how i did my sauna. why do we have to mow da land? bcoz nanti tempat itu akn dijadikan parkir kereta. and khemah pun akn didirikan di situ. so, have to work faster to settle da lalang2 in time, lets aja aja fighting!!!

other than that, on friday, we celebrate teachas day! its was a okay day, but to be honest, it was great! i received a lot of pressie which made me dwelled with tears. i mean, budak dat evryday i marah2 die, he gave me a sweet present. sgt terharu! il put da pichas later la eyh. then, i did enter sukaneka and played da game with a combined teacha-stud team. overall, walalupun ntah hape2 since they didnt explain da rules quite well, it was fun. my studs has been very cooperative and eager to win. so we got the consolation gift, dapat hamper. we divide it equally, and evryone is happy.

so later, we had nasik minyak! which is awesome sbb nanti during my kenduri, mkn nasik beriyani, bkn nasik minyak =( (so i was told) tak kesahla nasik paper, janji sedap n sume org happy sudahla. again, im inviting evryone to come and have a good time at my wedding. hopefully i can meet evryone dis saturday...

after sume dah settle (mana nk tutup buku register lg, nak masuk sukaneka, nak dgr/tgk shows) finally, we can enjoy our skool break!!! but, its gona be a busy two weeks holiday too, sbb nak tanda kertas periksa and my wedding lg. so, lets settle evrythg one at a time okay!

umm... later, as promised dgn ina, ina being a very sweet and kind friend, accompany me to do my hair! it was a very long/mengantuk time at da saloon, i fell asleep while the hairstyler did my hair. ina pun while waiting for me, she fell asleep on da couch. after 4 hours, finally my hair is done, and da result is superb. i hope my h2b gona love my hair, and i really love my hair so much right now. enough bout my hair, as its not suppose to be discuss in here.

however, i did feel awful along da way as i didnt tell mak im goin back late and where did i go. i wana tell mak first, but with da credit xdenye such and such, i prayed silently so dat mak wont worry as much...

and i am way wrong, as i switch da phone and looked at how many miscalled ive received. minta maaf mak, ive choose a wrong matrix dis time and made mak worried. should have choose da other path, but being ignorant and selfish like always, da result is making mak worried. thanks a lot ain, you did such a great job! sheesh...

thank god when i reached home after sending ina home, bcoz of the pressies, evryone is happy unwrapping them espeacially naim. mak tanya dis and dat, and i told mak dat i did my hair. nasib mak x marah, cuma mak ckp yg mak risau and call x berangkat. but later, mak pun okay je. little dat i know, pak tam, mak tam and evryone is here. cuma imad jer xde. but its okay, dapat main2 dgn syafika n izni pun dah best. overall, its really a tiring day for friday.

yesterday, umm... it was quite a downer day. to begin with, boleh x sebelum jumpe jurunikah kena p pejabat agama and settle da borang 1st? so isu borang is still on duh! dont asked wat happen, im not gona elaborate on dat, so im praying hard on monday we can settle evrything on isu borang nih. and later, we (h2b and me)went to potostet kad kawen. sorry for those yang dapat kad potostet, our kad is finish. but on da brighter side, da potostet kad is made by me, da bride. as simple as it is, i design and made it myself. so jgnla ada yg terasa hati yea. klu terasa jugak, let me blanja nasik beriyani okeh?

so for those that wishes to come, please give me your address. hopefully before saturday you guys will receive da kad. evryone is invited, so do come and share da happy moment. il post da ori scan kad later, have a look okay.

think datsal for my post. will write some more. take care evryone, have a happy skool breaks! assalamualaikum

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