Friday, May 01, 2009

1st May...

wow, its been an hour past midnite and yet im not asleep. why? i got back way too late dis time. never ever in history we've been out so late till mum and dad has gone to sleep. so wana kno da story? let me begin...

to start off, dis mornin after many2 times wake up n tersleep again, finally i got up and bersiap. later h2b arrived and wait downstairs with abg while im getting ready. aftrward we went up to da kedai kad n unfortunately da kedai isnt open yet so we opt for another kedai. since we're in hurry coz our big day is really around da corner, we book da card for express package. so by next week da card will be settle. there goes da card issues finally. eh not quite finish yet since we're to meet da owner and discuss da artwork, inlay and blalala. so after skool, we're gona go here again...

owh, bout da borang. it turnouts dat we dnt have to go to pejabat agama since we're gona get married by the same kadi. and we're living in da same district, so da borang is only needed to be passup by abah to da jurunikah ke tok kadi (luper dah) da least is one week from nikah. so ain, silalah ingt baik2 yea?

next after da isu card, we went to kedai pelamin. we pay a bit for da bookingla. da org kedai tuh asked me to try again da baju, but as much as i wana put it on, i decline sbb ive to go to skool. and we said dat we'll be back again later at at nite. so dah settle isu booking pelamin.

settle isu borang and card and da pelamin, off i went to skool. my h2b hantar. i felt like flying without wings till evening. so happy to be with h2b and to be sent to skool by him. rasa mcm kanak-kanak sekolah =D

anyway, after skool, ive message mak dat we're gona be home late since we're gona settle da kad n da pelamin n stuff. mak ckp ok, then later after school h2b pick me up =) heaven sgt rasanya bcoz i dnt have to drive like crazy by my own after work.

after maghrib prayer and dinner at carre*four, we're headed to da kedai kad. picked da card, tgk2 itu ini, puzzled and dont kno wat to choose, after 1 hour ++ we finally did it. da price, quite priceyla kot coz i thought nk cut da budget here. but its ok, still within budget. dapat 2 bunting free, and we can get it by next week. if and only we confirm da artwork within dis week. ok, we'll try our best to settle dis asap. so to all my dearest friend, plz give me your address so i can post you da card eh?

next around 9.30 mcm tuh, da kedai pelamin dah call. and i said dat we're on our way to da kedai. so borak2 kejap then diorg pun suruh test baju. and i did! wah, da outfit is so beautiful! i do feel like a queen. da feeling is so unreal, so undescrible. i never play dressup like dis before. with da amazing cloth on me, i just awed and thank god for giving me dis opportunity once in a life time. i did my parade infront of the mirror and show it to h2b. he loved it, so dats da outfit im gona wear for my side. later, they gave h2b to try his outfit. he just blew me away. here we are, two simple people, never wear any fancy clothes. so when we did, i felt so bless and happy =)

next, we try da outfit for h2b side. i just try mine for da upper piece. lower piece isnt finish yet. so im gona be wearing a new outfit. and for dis outfit, i felt like a princess! bcoz da color is so comel and da design is so comel =) and again, h2b really sweep me off from my feet. he looks amazing. amazingly handsome. and comel too =) i think its da color dat made it look so comel. outfit for h2b dis time too also new and isnt quite ready yet. so we just have a tryla dulu. then we will come again probably next week to really do da fitting and adjust mana yg patut.

and there's quite a lot a few nasihat/tips/advise dat kak ida made. on how to look super sizzling hotty hot hotty on da big day which i think most of us girls know but im too ignorant to follow. being me, super lazy to take care of my appearance, (asal pakai baju, tutup aurat sudah) selebet and comot all da time. i cudnt help it. i like to wear sumthg im comfortable with. my famous style to go out is blasah-jerla-nak-pakai-apapun. but lately, i think i better start taking care of my appearance, just for my own sake.

so i think datsal dat i can come up with. will write again insyaAllah. take care evryone, assalamualaikum...

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