Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Preparation

For our preparation to welcome our little lil one, there's of course a list to be done. It's been bugging me for quite sometimes now because everything is clouding my mind. Whyla I didn't think to write everything down so that I could see the big picture of what have been messing up my mind these days.

Well, what trouble me the most is the messiness of this house! I think we are hoarders already! Even though we didn't have much stuffs, but all the things are cluttered every where so resulting me to be serabut at all times!!! The first thing first I just took a deep breath one day and took it slow cleaning up the middle room or our closet I shall call it. The process was really slow since si kecil also decided to participate and helping out. When I got really tired, I kinda took it on si kecil which is bad bad me I know. I raise my voice over and took him out from the room because he's making more mess than ever! Poor si kecil, sorry hunny!

So like I've mentioned in The Clean Up, I think I will cross cleaning up from the list. Next is preparing the hospital bags for both mummy and baby and Zairil as well. hp bag's I don't think I have to pack him one because he can always go home and grab what ever stuffs that he needed right? So again, this will be my first time packing the bags and I'm totally clueless about it. I've referred and relied on the Internet to pack up the bags and one of them is from Knits's preparation. Thanks knits for blogging about the hospital bags; both for mummy and baby.

Right now, the bags are loaded in the car already and I will cross out the hospital bags as well from the list. Next preparation I must say is about breastfeeding. This time around, I read a lot about BF and prepared the essential things to breastfeed such as the breast pump, the nursing pillow, the milk booster, the breastfeeding book, the nursing bras and cover. I know that it is up to me to successfully breastfeed our baby, and I have to equipped myself with knowledge instead of these gadget. So I am praying my hardest I wont fail again this time.

What else in the thing to do list? hmm, it will be the stuffs to get such as the jamu, the bath tub holder and the baby swing also the changing table. One more thing to do is, to clean up the back room which I want to do it a.s.a.p but hp prevent me from doing so. The back room really need an overhaul because a lot of stuff is stuffed in there. And we needed to move out two wardrobes from our room to the back room so that we could put the baby crib inside our room.

The three last item is a luxury I must say, but it will nice if we had it with us. The bath tub holder is needed because I would prefer not to bend down much thus the changing table as well. And the baby swing is needed so that we didn't have to rock Lilo to sleep. We'll see if we have enough extra budget for all these things.

I think this pretty much cover the preparation that we have done so far. Hopefully the rest of our pregnancy and delivery will be a smooth sail with not much complication. Please pray for us...

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