Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Clean Up

I have been doing sorting and and cleaning and throwing away baby's stuffs during the weekend. I think it's a good time to start doing so because we are eight months along already. Better get ready now or never! With Zairil, we didn't have the chance to do pre-laundry or shopping as a matter of a fact. Most of the items were bought by both of our parents and we couldn't thank them enough.

We managed to buy some new baby clothes, but I think I want to add up a few more to that. It took me two days to wash everything up because the limited space of the laundry area plus the unpredictable weather nowadays. After the washing, I even took the liberty to iron everything so that everything look crisp and cuter! That would be really rare for me as I would never iron 'baju basahan' before! Plus I've washed the bengkung and baruts and kain batiks.

I've also sterilise the pump part. Right now, I think I will cross the cleaning part of the list. Even the middle room have been cleaned and sorted out. My clouded mind some how have been lifted up and it gave me a bit of confident to welcome our new baby. Before this, I felt unprepared and at total lost! It's like everything is all over the place and I am so serabut!!!

There's a few more things to do to be crossed for the list. Hopefully everything will be done before our lilo arrives =)

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