Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Checkup

It's another monthly checkups routine on 16th Jan 2012. Again, waited for quite a while like usual. But now after we dropped our pink card, we went to Billion and had our lunch first. In that way, we don't have to wait at az-zahrah for too long. Eating out nowadays with si kecil is almost enjoyable. He will sit still for a while, that would be sufficient enough for us to finish our meals before he started pulling us for a walk.

Later, after lunch, we went back and did the normal procedures; BP and UT. Then waited for a while for our turn. This time around it is easier to entertain si kecil ever since we had the tab. So we just switch on The Blue's Clues and he will sit still while it last. Then he will move a round again and we have to start chasing him.

Our name was called and had the usual checkup. But this time, I asked about my tounge, it hurts when I want to eat. Dr. have a look at it, and she said I've an oral thrush, which she said only happen to babies. I'm like really? Yup, it's uncommon for adult to have it, 'budak2 yg selalu dapat thrush nih' She prescribe me with one pill of antibiotic and oral drops.

To me, I find it rather funny because I've been having this thrush for years now and it will come and go. When it occurs, I don't feel like opening my mouth at all; be it to eat, to talk even to smile. It just hurt, but sometimes it only irritate me. So I ignored it till it heal itself.

So the next checkup will be on Feb 13th. Are we gonna make it till the next checkup hunny in tummy or you decided to come out early? And we've registered ourselves for the ante-natal class which is on Feb 19th. I asked if there's any earlier class since I'm a little worried Lilo will arrive early, but nope there's none. So we'll see if we can make it to the class or not!

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