Thursday, January 12, 2012

@ 1 Year & 11 Months

  • loves to color2, conteng2 tp dkt buku jerla. mmg akn alert @ all time when he's holding the colors so that he wont make his artwork else where.
  • loves to kacau his ayah, pull his father's hand and asked for a clue a clue awwwhhh
  • loves blue's clues to the max!!! bangun2 jer a clue a clue awwwhhh. i feel like throwing the tv away evrytime he asked for the show. dkt nick jr. boleh rewind2, so rewind jerla sepuluh kali tengok. arghhh, kenapala minat sgt tgk abg steve tu? x pahamla. klu xde dkt nick jr. kitorg akn bukak through youtube. tp byk sgtla pulak parodynya. i guess mesti ramai x suka tgk blue's clue. bilela fasa BC nak habis ni?
  • evrytime dah siap lps mandi, mesti lari2 cari ayah dia for some kisses and compliments. comel sgt. tp a bit sad bila ayah dia keluar, and he seek for his father to no where to be found. tp lps ayah balik, mesti akan kisses n hugs sambil panggil ayah dgn sweetnya.
  • bila la nak panggil ibu ni sayang? ibu tunggu jer ni. no, i'm not sad or jealous for his manjaness toward his father. i'm more than welcome. cuma it will be nice if he could call me ibu or mummy or mama once in a blue moon. it's ok, ibu will wait for your words kay.
  • and evrytime i sang da i can cook song - show from cbeebies, he will end da song with i can cook. comel je zairil sebut i can cook. and tgk dia nari2 lagi, that's why i loves to repeat the song over and over again.
nxt month is your birthday hunny? lets see what ayah gonna give for your birthday this year =D ibu sayang sangat zairil, nanti dah ready, sebut ibu hari-hari tawu. i just miss for you to call me ibu, that's all my love =')

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