Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Blood

Every thing seems to be fine in the morning of 28th Jan. Zairil woke up early for his milk, and I made one for him then switch on the tv for The Blue's Clues. Later after Zairil finished his milk, I went out of the room to get something to eat. Then I prepared stuffs for Zairil's shower like his cloth, diaper and the cream & oil.

After settled, I felt something and the next thing I knew I bleed! I was so shocked and even about to faint. Told hp about it, and he calmed me down. He asked me to take a shower, and monitor the bleeding. It's fresh blood, and quite a lot but not that a lot. In my head, I kept repeating this is not happening, there's no way lilo will be deliver today since it's too earlier for him to come out and play. I took a long shower, praying for the bleeding to stop and it did stop.

Hp kept checking on me, and I said every thing is fine. I think I worked too hard on the preparation. This also had happened several times before I got married when I lifted something heavy or worked physically hard. We waited till evening and there's no blood what so ever. Thus I decided to not go to the hospital because I don't want to be check by VE, not now not yet.

Till today, lilo is moving well inside, no more bleeding and I really took my time in doing things nowadays. And I avoided lifting heavy stuffs. What a drama indeed!

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