Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Together Again =)

Last Sunday was the most awaited day for both of us; Zairil and I since it is the day hp came home. after leaving us for 5 days, he's finally here again with us. how I wish he never leaves, but since it is job related, how could I say no to that. In fact, I am the one who encourage him to go despite of his hot and cold decision about leaving us behind.

Any way, we manage the five days without him. Zairil is being such an angel for four days, but a bit tricky on the last day of hp's arrival. But I didn't mind, because my heart is blossoming with love that what ever Zairil did, I just look at it with one eye and told myself to find my happy place so that I wont be so upset with him.

So as we've discussed before, Zairil and I will pick hp @ the LCCT. I'm questioning and in doubt of myself; can I do this? can I drive with Zairil seriously? I never did it before, and I never intend to do it, but putting that aside so that I could finally see hp, I just said to myself; YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I really hope I could do it. I have prepared mental list of what to do on Sunday. Upon waking up, I will take care of the house first. Do all the chores; clean, laundry, vacuum and mopped with Zairil's help of course =) Then we had our meals. Later, played with Zairil just to kill the time.

The clock start ticking really fast when it strike 7 pm. I bathed si kecil, put on best cloth on him, then it's time for me to get ready. The clock keep ticking away, and now it is about 8 pm. I made Zairil's milk and let him drink it while I packed all his stuff to the car.

Another trick the car played on me. hp told me on how to use the child lock at the back seat, but I didn't really listen to him thinking, he can do it again next time. So here i am, trying to turn the lock button. But when i tried to shut the door, the door wont close. Arghhh!!! what did i do wrong this time? In my mind, I was thinking of calling hp saying that I couldn't pick him up. Then, I took a very deep breath, thinking what if I pull the door's handle before I shut the door, it might work. So it did, thank god.

Later, I ran upstairs and perform Isyak prayer, then we made our move. For ten minutes, Zairil did well in his car seat, the rest of the journey, not so much. So i distracted him by offering baby bites and air ribena, and that kept him busy at the back.

Umm, i thought the journey will be smooth till LCCT, but we did face a lil bit of heart pounding moment where this huge trailer lorry shifted to my lane in a sudden and at the right lane there's this speeding car honking along the way. Thank god i sped and pass the lorry. Only god know how hard my heart was beating and my knees are shaking.

Then, alhamdulillah smooth journey ahead and when we reached LCCT, hp's plane had landed. So we have to wait for a while for hp. Thank you Zairil for being such a darling at the airport.

Afterward we had McD at KLIA just because i think their strawberry shake is the best. But we didn't stay long as it is almost midnight and by the look of hp's face, i can tell how tired he was. But he drove us home anyway because i don't think i want to drive after such experience.

Anyway, this entry just to let my thoughts out, out from where ever it came from. It is such a long post for something not so extraordinary ( to me it is ). Now he's here, so don't you ever run away from me again young lady?! - quote from Monster Inc.

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