Saturday, October 29, 2011

Expecting =)

i have been meaning to write sooner about this little lil one in my tummy. but i guess, time waits for no one. i always find it difficult for me to sit down and type something. i rather spend my time on game and more game before si kecil pull my hand and demand to play with him. but now, i think it's time for me to write about our little lil one, or i shall call him/her lilo for now =)

it begin with, hmm... let see. for the 1st month, i missed my period. but hp discard it as it's my hormones imbalance and because i am sick at that time. (my period will skip if i had a bad cold or sick) so this month it skip, the next month it will come. so i took hp's words because at that time i don't feel nauseous or any symptoms of pregnancy. then i waited for the next cycle to come...

later came next month. again, no sign of the cycle cycling around. hp still didn't take my words, saying that we're possibly are pregnant. he still insisted to wait for the next cycle to come. I'm like, ok I'll wait. but one day, while we went for grocery shopping, i sneak off to a drug store and buy the stick.

after we reached home, i couldn't wait to get tested, but before that i told hp that i bought the test kit, and i want to use it now. hp just nodded, and said nothing more. so with trembling hands (i don't know why i am so nervous), i did the test,waited for the stick to be absorbed, and i could see two lines are formed. i'm speechless and scared at the same time. cried is a must and hp couldn't believe what he's hearing, that we are expecting!!!

we set up an appoinment with dr. fazlina and she still remembered us. she said that it's a good planning to have a 2nd child now, asked the LMP, and did the scan. but she said that the baby was small from the given LMP date. so she said i probably mistaken the LMP date and wrote down the date according to the lilo's size and wrote two EDD. i am all worried at that time, thinking that probably it's because i'm fasting and didn't eat proper food (we went for the checkup during fasting month) but she said 'baby x puasa, so it's ok for mummy puasa, xde pape, teruskan berpuasa'

we were given folic acid but didn't get the pink/red card yet. i guess our pregnancy didn't reach three months yet at the time and was set up with the next appoinment.

our other check up went smooth, lilo is progressing well in my tummy, in spite being roll over and jumped and bumped by abglong. takut jugak sebenarnya, tp x sakit sgt so i just avoid zairil went he wanted to jump on my tummy.

so this is the introduction of our lilo. i prayed that everything will be fine and i do hope our pregnancy goes well all the way. thank you Allah for this blessing, for giving us one more miracle of love =)


ellyWong said...

congratsssssssssssssssssss!!!! :D

Ain Alida said...

thank you ellyyyyyyyy =)