Thursday, November 10, 2011


Climbing the stairs while we watched from far

Climbing the stairs with ayah

Si kecil going for a slide

Yesterday was a lovely evening after continuous pouring rain for days. So we decided to go to the park again. I like going to the park on weekdays because there aren't many people around compared to weekend. Before we left, i had a tiny voice inside saying 'hmm, i should bring zairil's drink', but my head went 'it's ok,we're going for a bit, zairil can have a drink after we arrived home'. Off we went without bringing the drink that is.

There weren't many people around, zairil played happily; running, climbing, sliding, run and climb some more. Boy, he played with all his heart. He did slipped once on the stairs, but it didn't stop him from playing again and again.

After one hour, it's time to go home. But we stop for roti eskem and then continued to the car. Forgetful hp forgot to shut the front door. Luckily everything was in place. We offered some of the roti eskem to zairil but he refused and cried for a little bit. So i thought he was sleepy from playing too much.

On the way home, we suddenly decided to make a stop at carrefour for some grocery shopping. Zairil showed sign of discomfort, but again i dismiss, still thinking he's tired.

At the carrefour, this little guy cries some more. The tears streaming down his face, made me sad and frustrated not knowing what he wants and what should i do to comfort him. Later, i found out how thirsty he was when he wanted to gobble the fruit can, thinking that it's a drink can.

All we can think off to shop hurriedly and i did took the vitagen for zairil to drink. After we paid, zairil drank four bottles of vitagen in one go. Imagine how thirsty he was at that time. I am so sorry sayang for discarding your thirst. Poor zairil, all he wanted was some drinks, yet i thought he was being cranky for no reason.

So from now on, every time we want to go to the park, please make sure you bring along zairil's drink ok?

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