Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Detail Scan

So we went for the detail scan on 22/11/2011 at 2 pm. We arrived sharp, however there has been a waiting line already and I am the 14th patient of the day. Little that I know that we are the last patient for the scan. We waited at the waiting area for quite a while. However Zairil is getting restless each minute that passed by.

We brought a lot of things to keep him occupied; his cars, his books, sesame street podcast. They did entertain him for a while, then he set off again running around and making noises. Being a dad, hp couldn't stand him, so they went downstairs for a walk. Later, I went for a walk with Zairil. It took us two hours waiting for our turn, so imagine how restless this little boy is. I kept on checking with the counter to see how long we have to wait and it seems too long to get to our number.

After a solid two hours of waiting, my name was called and at that time si kecil is struggling to get out of the room. The doctor did her work quickly, and this is when we knew we are going to have another baby boy with us. So the guessing game is finally over and I've been calling lilo's name ever since!

I was really looking forward for the 3D scan as we never had one before, of course it didn't happen. It's just a regular 2D scan but in details. So everything looks fine, alhamdulillah. Again, the doctor didn't gave us any of the scan pictures! I felt so sad and frustrated because I didn't have any of Lilo's scan pichas! With Zairil I had 4 pichas, this time around none what so ever. Gosh, I felt bad for this little lil one in my tummy, but hp said it's ok. As long as everything is fine, we will see our Lilo for real when he's finally with us.

So that's all about the scan. The checkups with Dr. Fazlina will be as usual. Only if we didn't have to wait for too long for our checkups that would be really nice...

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