Friday, November 04, 2011

The Checkups

We have been to three check ups for our lilo. The first one was on 9th August 2011 and with a bit of uneasy news. Like ive mentioned before, lilo is a bit smaller than the LMP date, so Dr. fazlina said probably ive mistaken about the date. So that is why we were given with two EDDs. However, hp said probably lilo is going to arrive sooner just like his/her abglong, we just have to prepared for all possibilities i guess.

The next appointment was on 8th September 2011. But this time lilo was progressing well, the growth is similar to the fetal growth scan. I felt relieved at that point because I'm anxious from the last visit. The Dr. said everything looks good insyaAllah.

The last check up was on 25th October 2011, a day before hp's flight. This time around, we received the blood test result. It was all good, HB was on track, Rubella antibody detected but for Hep. B antibody is O IU/L, meaning that i am not protected from Hep. B. I asked about the Hep. B but dr. said it's ok, after delivery i could take the shot for Hep. B and not now that is.

Hmm, last check up really tested my patience limit as it took so long to see Dr. Fazlina. I even shed tears as well since Zairil is a bit out of control and quite hard to handle. Later Dr. Faz said she had to handle two deliveries so that is why it took a tad longer. Since the check up went smoothly, I'm fine afterward.

The next checkup will be on 22th November 2011 which will be the detail scan involving the 4D scan. Ive never done this before with Zairil and I'm really looking forward to it. Only that, Dr. faz said the detail scan will tell lilo's condition and progress. If nothing goes wrong, the Dr. in charge will only explain how's the baby is doing and will not schedule asap appointment with Dr. faz. I'm praying everything will be well for lilo in me tummy, please let everything will be alright.

Dr. Fazlina schedule the next appointment with her on 13th December 2011. I'm anxious about our 4D scan but excited as well. A bit of a mix feelings, I'm praying for everything to be well for all of us, amin...

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