Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just Some Craps

walla, cuba tgk 2007 nye post. ada 36 post!!! dats a big achievement for this blog. i never thought i wud post dat many entries. how unthinkable thing can go sometime. but honestly evntho there's a big number in quantity, the quality can go down straight to the drain. i knew all the post are craps. non actually contain even the smallest food for the brain. this really make me wana completely remove this blog. but then, where can i put my head, my mind when i eventually need it? then again, isn't this the place to spill everythg? your guts, your thought, your everythg? quality, quantity? wat count da most is dat dis is da place where i wana share my concern to my friends. i love you guys and i want you to know dat ure not alone, we are not alone becoz there's always invinsible shoulders keen to be by ur side no matter when. here's my shoulders, feel free to use it any time you like... teruskan berusaha!!!

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