Monday, November 12, 2007

Lunch Menu

Baru lepas settle masak tghari and although some are quite skeptical nak try mkn td but in the end everybody love it. so wat is it dat ive cooked? well, to be honest i dont know it myself. main blasah jer td. now im writing it down so the next time i wont forget how to cook it. its very simple sbb kite blasah jer and it doesnt require a lot of your time to do it.

pertama sekali tumis bawang besar, nxt masukkan daging/ayam. nxt masukkan air n cabai melaka, nxt tepung jagung, nxt kicap tiram, nxt minyak bijan, nxt lada putih n hitam, nxt chicken stock a bit, nxt garam n seasonin, nxt tomato, carrot and kacang buncis and kobis n finally masukkan mee. tada, dah siap...

see, x byk kerenahkn? the amount nk masukkan bape byk it's up to you sbb nie resepi sesedap rasa, sesuka hati. the taste is quite sumthg, so do try out dis recipe =)

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