Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dream Land

I have dreams and so does evryone else kn... but when i was a little girl, i like to dream a lot. and i make dreaming as my favourite past time. so in my dream, i create and imagine how i am gonna live my life. some are fulfilled, some may not yet be fulfill. but so far, like i always say and believe, i had evrythg dat i ever wished for.

from my dream and the way i lead my life, there's not much of a different. i dream of being known (not well-known, not famous but just known) in high school. and i guess i did become noticed and known by the warden and some of the teachers. maybe i wished it da wrong way, i mean i should wished to be known for the good thg instead of the other way around. but wat happen stayed dat way rite?! then when i enter my higher education, i dream dat i will stay with my housemates in a double storey house with a nice front yard. i will be going to school driving a car. but eventually i didn't stay at my dream house with my constant changing housemates. so dats a big frustation. to look at the bright side, i did get the chance to drive to school. so its a blessing for me. later in my dream, i dream of having babies and taking care of them and having a wonderful husband. so far, i did get a wonderful husband to be but no babies yet. but funny because i didnt dream of living in a nice front yard double storey house with my husband and babies this time. da only matters is to have babies and a husband. so where are gonna live exactly? umm, dats shud be thought in my dream now.

moving on to my dream, again i never dream of working. i never ever dream of wearing a working suit and eventually go to work. why i never dream of dat before? is dat why i find it so hard to actually apply for work? i would rather stay at home and be the houselady (a housewife soon to be i hope) than to be up in the morning facing the workload. so here i am at my home living my dream in my dream land. really, never cross my mind when i was little to dream about me working. the only dream dat i remember, i will prepare breakfast for my hubby, kiss good bye to him, do da laundry, watch my garden, go shopping with my retired mum, do facial, do my hair, you know all the housewife stuff da housewife does. am i a brat because of not wanting to work? i really think working isnt just fit for me. i just wana be home and taking care of my family. i wana always be there for evry functions, evry events dat happen in their lives. i dont wana left out or missed any moment at all. dis is wat i dream of when i was a little girl, and from the way i see it, now my dream are becoming a reality. and it's great, yay!!!

wat a fantasy, dats wat goes in my head when my brain started to create all this fantasy, this dream. up till now, i love to dream. some might say wats da use of dreaming, just go out and live your life da way it is. but the really funny thing is, some of my dream happen da way i dream of it to happen. so instead of me planning my brain out, my dream let me live my life. so far, my dream never failed me and i wana be in my dream land, where evrythg is like candy, so sweet and full of pixies dust. da only thg i wished for now is dat i wish i could include evryone to be a part of this dream land. but does evryone want to be in my dream land? did they have their own dream land? did they believe in their dream land? do you? i believe you do... so lets build our dream land together and live life the dreamy way...

p/s: wat you read probably wont make any sense, but to find the sense you must use your sixth sense, and your common sense will rule out the nonsense afterall

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