Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Come Again

Just read a few blogs and thank god finally there's update. i was wonderin am i da only freak who enjoys blogging other than no one else... but wat can i say, i know you girls been busy with work and all, and dat makes me da only person whose living my life to the fullest =)

so by saying living my life to the fullest, i wana write my recent holiday trip... it all started last saturday. first stop we wnt to Kuala Kangsar, Perak where there's a function that my dad had to attend. so the rest of us jalan-jalan around Arena Square. for Zohor & Asar prayer, we went to the Kuala Kangsar mosque and the structure gave me an awestruck wonder. im sure for those who have been to the mosque will share the same opinion kan? later in the evening, we went to Bukit Merah for an overnight stay and for the next day we have to be at UUM for the next function. At UUM, the function was alrite. nothg much to be seen or heard. but i did the medical check provided by the sponsor. i realise the nurses doesn't calculate my BMI correctly but dat doesnt matter becoz i know how to measure it myself (my height isn't 1.57m) but im concern about my blood pressure and alhamdulillah it turn out normal 120/80. dats a relief considering my eldest brother had a high blood pressure 157/90 da last time he went for a check up. other check up was cholesterol level. the assistant draw some blood and i mistakenly gave my right arm instead of the left and as the result, my arm ache all day. (sometime i sob in silent, i cudnt stand da pain) next agenda we went back to kampung!!!

we stayed at tuk dgn wan's house till tuesday bcoz on tuesday we were about to head to Langkawi. so at Langkawi, we stayed at Aseania which is great becoz we've got 3 rooms. the place is awsome... this is da first time i stayed at Aseania, but my family have been here before. so i am da only one yg excited. to do comparison, i know Langkawi Lagoon has better rooms, service and beautiful seashore. but at Aseania, this is the tourist spot, because of the many bars and pub. so you don't really feel isolated and you can go to the shop or the beautiful beach by foot. also, the Underwater World is not that far away. we stayed at Langkawi for 3 days and i bought chocolates for my hp. i love the packaging and the beautiful boxes. so im sure dat he's gonna love it. speaking about my hp, i promised him 4 boxes of chocolate chips and he's so upset when this issue is raise over the phone. okay, i am intending to keep my promise and i promise that tha chocolate chip will be done by the time you come back here yea =)

i had a great time at Aseania, but my heartbeat stop for almost 4 seconds when i saw Naim almost drowned at the pool. mind you, over the 2 slides; never use the right side of the pool bcoz it is dangerously deep (2m) unless ure a good swimmer dat is. i was watching him from the side of the pool when i saw him panicked after reaching the end of the slide. thankfully he knows how to swim or else i have to rescue him myself. later i jumped in the pool and stand guard by him and makes him stay closed to me. i dont want another adrenaline rush over my body bcoz later i felt aches all over my body. all and all, he is safe and sound and we did have awesome time at Langkawi.

on thursday, right after we reached kampung, we went to rumah Pak Ndak bcoz his family was having kenduri. since the kenduri is almost over, there's not much to be done. only a few dishes to wash and later i swept the floor. on friday, i went over next door with mak teh. there's another kenduri will be held on saturday, kenduri kawin. at first, i helped out in the kitchen but then again there's not much to be done, so i went upstairs to help decorating the bride & groom room. i helped with setting the curtains and the veil. when i was a kid, i always fantasized to help decorating the bilik pengantin. but now dat i can, i didnt feel that excited at all. probably because of decorating some one else's room instead of mine. later that night, i helped mak teh with the bunga telur. it was yellow and i loved the way all the bunga telur set nicely at the pahar. saturday came and people enjoyed themselves at the kenduri. the food was good and everythg is perfect. i got the chance to see the bride and i prayed that i wont look dat way on my wedding. is not she's not beautiful or anything, but the way she portrayed herself; she doesnt look friendly at all. maybe she's nervous or something. i dont know, but really i did prayed hard not to be seen dat way ever...

on sunday, it's time to say goodbye to all. i have a great time with syafika and izni, my little cousins. they followed me evrywhere and that time i felt like im having my own kids. dat was tough. when i was taking care of naim, whenever i dont feel like taking care of him, there's always mak around. she will nourish him while i am having me time. but now i learn dat, having my own babies, dat mean they gonna stuck at/by me 24-7. imagine dat, no more video games, no more surfing internet, no more late night movies, no more me my own evrythg because evrythg in my life need to be change. im not the focal point any more once they are around and that freaks me out big time!!! but then some one told me, babies bring you happiness and you don't want to be out of their sight ever... i hope what that some one say is right eventually... when saying goodbye, it was heartbreaking seeing kakak's face. i like to stay with her all the time, but we need to know our place. then again, we have plenty of time to meet and have fun right. till the time come, we just have to play it right.

here come monday, and i am still feeling blues of all dat happen. still need a reality check for the house chores. tomorrow i will be up on my two feet again doin the same routine as before. but today, let me have some peace in me yea. afterall, last night, i did iron a full load. so today, let me gear up for tomorrow's duty kan... to all my dearest peeps, keep on living to the fullest, not half empty, not half full but the fullest and beyond =)

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