Friday, November 30, 2007

Concentrate and Focus

Your IQ score is 122 - Your Intellectual Type is Inspired Inventor. This means you've got exceptional verbal and mathematical skills, and are very good at brainstorming new ideas.

My 1st time seriously do the IQ test. da last time main hentam sbb byk sgt kena pk, so i get around 60 sumthg i guess. after telling this to hp, he said that i never take anythg seriously in my life. asyik nak main2 jer, dats why i get ridicious score. he said dat he knows i'm much better thatn that IF i concentrate AND i focus on wat i'm doing. so i did the quiz again and not bad right? not the nerd type just the biasa-biasa people. so the big lesson for today is never give up and do your best =) ...umm, tp test ni pun bukannya boleh pki pun, just for fun rite? gotcha ...

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