Monday, November 18, 2013

Stay Behind

There was this one time where the day before we left for Langkawi, I had this terrible back pain. It was so painful, I couldn't even sit right. The whole journey was a nightmare, miraculously I made it. We made a stop at rumah tuk&wan, sleep there overnight. Wan even made 'air penawar' for me, heal me by reading some surah and rubbed my back. The pain subsided, and I thought it would go away eventually.

So the next day, off we went to Langkawi. The ferry ride was a hell of a ride for me, it was torturous I must say. I just keep it all together, only to stop myself from crying. After we reached the jetty, I really couldn't move a muscle. My legs literally broke down on me, but I kept pushing myself to move, to just walk.

I gave all my strength to walk, to move about. It's like taking a baby step for me, one step at a time. Everyone else was rushing, but my little brother stay behind for me. He walked together with me, never leave my sight. He didn't hurried me, just waited for me to walk and be there for me. He is always like this, very protective, caring, he is way different from the surface. Any girl would be lucky to have him, I know I am lucky to have him as my brother =)

p/s: I always recall this incident every time my back hurt...

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