Thursday, November 14, 2013

Keep on writing

In this book is where I wrote mostly about the dua beradik. Things that happen to them, which is a bit painful for me to write it down else where. I used to write about zairil monthly in this blog (for the update's sake), but I guess the mojo left the building. There's a little bit of zarif in this blog, he should appear more. I would love to continue writing about these angels of mine, after all they are my passion =)

p/s: as much as I love them till my last breath, constant guilt always haunts me every time I got upset with them. I hate to be crossed with them, but there are time they just keep on pressing the monster button. Patience, do stay with me when ever the going get tough, for when I am mad at them, the person that I am mad the most is me... 

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