Sunday, November 17, 2013

Charcoal Clean - Da Darlie

Darlie Charcoal Clean Toothbrush
More info, click on the toothbrush =)

It is a little bit unusual seeing a charcoal colored toothbrush than the ordinary white colored bristle toothbrush isn't it? All my life, whenever I wanted to pick up a toothbrush, the first image came into my mind is of course the white one. Definitely Iam willing to give this one for a try the next time I need to replace my brush and to compliment with that is this expert white toothpaste. 
Darlie Expert White
More info, click on the toothpaste =)
I am going to come clean about something; that is I am a customer loyalty type of shopper. It's like when I want to buy chocolate drink, the first thought is Milo (Zairil pun minta Milo bila terasa nak minum petang) When I've been using the other brand for so long, it's kinda of hard to overlook at any other product. Like I've said before, I'm going to give it a try, and hopefully I will like the result =D

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